Hifi And Audio Specialist Musicarch Appointed REL Acoustics Dealer

Musicarch Ltd is delighted to announce its appointment as a dealer of REL Acoustics Ltd sub-bass systems (subwoofers).

Musicarch is a Hi-Fi Specialist and online retailer selling the very best in Hi-Fi and audiophile equipment with free delivery and special offers. REL is considered Great Britain's premiere manufacturer of subwoofers and sub-bass systems.

Musicarch owner Donald Pirie, who recently secured the dealership, said "I am delighted with this appointment. REL subwoofers are the most cost effective way of improving the hi-fi and audio equipment you already own. It's a bit like extending your home rather than moving. Sub-bass systems and subwoofers are not all about thundering bass. They are about tuning your speakers to the individual room acoustics. Sub-bass systems and subwoofers let your speakers work at their best. Strange to say we find vast improvements in areas you would not automatically associate subs with, such as piano and female vocal. Once you have tried a REL, you will not manage without one. I would urge audiophiles out there to put us to the test - call for a demo at Musicarch or in your own home with your own equipment. We carry most models in our demo stock."

REL Acoustics, Ltd. of Bridgend, Wales was founded in 1990 by Richard Edmund Lord. He built legendary subwoofers and began referring to them as sub bass systems, because the performance he had been able to achieve was the result of system engineering.
In 2005 John Hunter and Donald Brody acquired REL and almost immediately identified several key paths to take the strengths of the core REL philosophy and build upon them. Today, REL is one of the fastest growing product ranges in the entire high end with strong international partnerships all over the world and acclaim coming from virtually every high end audio and home theater magazine. Reliability remains its core strength, blended with a unique approach to design that results in what many consider the most musical and powerful sounding subwoofers available.

A Subwoofer the single most cost effective way of improving a hifi audio system and nobody builds them like REL Acoustics.

Musicarch is short for "Music Architecture"; the company s a wonderful reminder of just how incredible music can sound on a properly setup Hi-FI system. Donald Pirie has deliberately kept the product portfolio small, selecting only the best in terms of performance and value. Musicarch specialises in bespoke Hi-Fi architecture, much of which won't be found in high-street shops.
Every piece is made to a standard rather than to a price. Handmade in small numbers, to exacting standards, each uses only the finest materials and components available to create uncompromising musical architecture.

It is easy to arrange a demonstration of the REL Acoustics range - including the Gibraltar, SERIE T and SERIE R - in Musicarch's relaxed listening room and get closer to your music than ever before. Alternatively, owner Donald is just as happy to visit clients in their own home.

More information about the dealership agreement with REL Acoustics and the products stocked by Musicarch can be found on the dedicated REL page: http://www.musicarch.net/brands/REL%20acoustics%20Ltd.html

To contact the owner, Donald Pirie, please email shop@musicarch.net or call +44 (0)1382 523 413 / +44 (0) 7714 287 557 or use the social media bottoms provided on the website.

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