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Here's A Interesting Way To Raise Mental Illness Awareness

Raising funds for Mental Illness through a crowd funding campaign and continue production of a popular web series.

"Bennight Brothers" focuses on three young men on the brink of losing all they've known who learn of a dark family secret following their father's death. The story, steeped in legend and myth, promises a vast treasure to whoever can crack the code. The brothers have spent their lives as shut ins, kept away from society, but set out into an as yet unknown world with only an encoded map left in their father's will.

KISIO Design Productions has released three popular short episodes online and is seeking further funding to complete the series. The small independent group wants to raise awareness around the issue of Mental illness, they hope than by bringing subject such as Schizophrenia, bi-polar, and Obsessive-compulsive disorders into a world that turns these diseases into unimaginable abilities. They are offering multiple rewards ranging from a hand written letter from the creator, to a genuine Leather bracelet Plus a portion of the proceeds go to to help with mental health treatment.

KISIO Design has a laser eye focus on success, they believe they can make a significant dent on the issues on the Health of our minds, KISIO Design says 1 in 4 people in the world suffer from the effects of mental illness, that's 450million people world wide. All the research shows that this number is on the rise, and if we don't do something, eventually that number will be significantly higher in the next decade.

For more information please visit or contact the press offices.

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