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Henry Swieca - the Newest Member of the Columbia Business School "Board of Overseers"

"A leading hedge fund manager with multiple decades of experience is appointed to the Board of Overseers in his alma mater"

Mr. Henry Swieca, a 1983 graduate and a billionaire hedge fund manager, was recently appointed to the Board of overseers by the Columbia Business School, his Alma mater. He is the founder of New York based Talpion Fund Management. The Board is a body that comprises of 100 prominent business leaders and alumni, who offer strategic counseling and support to the business school, in order to deliver supreme management education.

The board is led by Henry Kravis an MBA graduate of the class of 1969, and Arthur Samberg (from the class of 1967), both of whom are co-chairpersons. The board functions to develop and keep promoting an advanced environment where the faculty and well as students of the school together, continue to shape a world of business.

Dean Glenn Hubbard expressed his excitement to welcome Henry to the Board of Overseers. He has great expertise and knowledge of business considering his familiarity and association with Columbia Business School. Mr. Hubbard said he is certain that Mr. Henry would provide invaluable insights to their community and said that he is looking forward to working with him in the years to come.

About his appointment, Mr. Henry Swieca shared how honored he was for getting the opportunity to work with an institution that works to develop and nurture generations of new business leaders. He further added that Columbia Business School is the foundation of his knowledge, which helped him achieve professional success in his career, and the lessons he learned in school, have helped him through all his business ventures.

Mr. Swieca added that he is excited about working with the school's faculty, administration, alumni and students; to make sure that this leading institute continues to remain a global leader in the field of business management education.

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