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Henry Swieca Is a New York Billionaire, Known for His Achievements

"Henry Swieca is a reputed Hedge Fund Manager, who has worked very hard to accomplish his goals."

Henry Swieca is a big name in the financial market. Mr. Sweica worked very hard to become a successful Hedge Fund Manager. He was just 19 years old, when his parents died. That was when his life changed completely. Back then, he had very little money, which made it difficult for him to earn a living. His life was filled with struggles. He was born to holocaust survivors who came to the US in 1955, and grew up in Washington Heights, New York.

Moving ahead with strong determination, he obtained a Bachelor's degree from Stony Brook University. He completed his master's degree in Business administration from the Columbia Business School.

In the early phase of his life, he faced many difficulties as he had very little money, which he invested in the stock market. Moreover, he also took over the responsibility of his brother's medical school education, so he could finish without much trouble. After completing his graduation, Mr. Swieca started working with Merrill Lynch where he traded equity index options. Later, he joined Dillon Read where he worked as an institutional investor advisor. His efforts and dedication made it possible for him to become a co-founder of Highbridge Capital Management. He started this firm with his childhood friend Glenn Dubin. Now, Henry Swieca is a New York based billionaire, who is most famous for his remarkable achievements.

Besides this, Henry Swieca is also part of other two Hedge Funding Corporations, which are; Clearline Capital and Talpion Fund Management. He became a part of Clearline Capital when he was just a startup investor. On the other hand, he launched Talpion Fund Management after establishing Highbridge Capital Management. Henry Swieca has come a long way to reach great heights of success. He became an inspiration for all those who want to accomplish success in their lives, but don't have enough resources to start their career.

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