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Hen Keeping And What You Will Need

Wood clad in wire is quite popular at the moment when it comes to chicken coop design and style. Be aware of houses that are not as much as close to 1 - 1.5 inch thick , if its not at the very least this in depth, likelihood is it isn't enough. Desp

A popular sort of hen house easily available in the marketplace at this time is the timber frame variety with wire meshing. Look out for houses that are not as much as around 1 inch or so thick wood, if its not at the very least this in depth, chances are it is just not enough. The thicker the timber, the heavier it's going to be, so good quality pens will demand some plan in position to transfer it. The timber which has been used to develop the body of the chicken coop should be treated by using a suited timber preservative it will stop the wood rotting and ensure it lasts.

In order to get the most out of your coop it has to be treated well in order to avoid rot. When you wish to treat your chicken coop yourself do ensure you use a treatment which is free from danger for animals. Again check when dried that each pets and youngsters will remain safe.

A well designed hen house will often have a sloped roof so water doesn't stay on its covering. It is a good idea to position the rooftop towards a water drain and definitely not towards the house as moist concerns may develop. Many keepers choose sheeting to roof their hen house this is a light-weight and clear which will allow light to pass into the hen house. So it isn't uncomfortable getting inside a coop, look for easy access easy-to-open entrance doors on a coop, or add one yourself on on the roof.

Getting Access to Your Coop
A good coop will be a tiny house to a hen, the coop door to be used by the chickens is called the pop-hole and this enables the chickens to penetrate the inner house, this door should be no less than 25x30cm based upon how big the chickens you intend to keep are. To help keep the interior cool during the summer time months windows are good for venting. It is a good option to create hinged doors over the windows which can be closed during poor weather and to keep potential predators out of the hen house.

Coop Floor
There are various ideas on floor surfaces for a chicken coop. I select a slatted floor that allows the poultry waste and other waste materials to drop through. There are more ideal choices, the main thing here is to ensure your chickens are secure from predators and the interior is always nice and clean.

Coop Perches and Nest Box
For your poultry in order to sleep, include in your coop perches and nest boxes. Say, around 25 cm for the perch for each chicken, This allows those to sit on their comfortably. The nest boxes should be positioned in a dark area of the hen house and you'll supply one per three poultry. Position the nesting box towards the collection bay so no other chickens can peck at the egg, also fill up with non toxic wood shavings.

Cleaning Your Hen House
If you're building the coop your self you have to be consistently thinking of simplicity of cleaning, an absence of simple cleanliness can and frequently does bring about many forms of disease. Basic ideas like incorporating a sheeting of plastic beneath the perches to gather waste materials are a great time short-cut.

For individuals that think they're ready to investigate at options for chicken houses try Pet Homes2U, its a fantastic site to get a few ideas of what a hen pen will want to look like and be manufactured from.

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