Hemp Bags That Are Real Eco-friendly, Now Opening The Opportunity For The Ones Who Dream To Be A Dealer Of Eco-friendly Products !

Hempmethee, a brand of hemp bags that are very much concern on environment and fashion, now seeking the people who have green dream (environmentally friendly people) to become a green business owner to become the dealer!

Hempmethee currently is looking for the dealers of the hemp bags (sativa bags) outside Thailand especially in EU and United States. The requirements are not tough for the dealership application. Only knowing how to market the eco-friendly products (hemp bags) and then application to be a dealer can be easily approved (no other tough requirements such as financial statement). Please contact +6686-9848859 or visit the website at http://www.hempmethee.com/

It is promise to deliver the superb quality hemp bags and the value on the ecology. At Methee, concern about the design and style as the designers here always have new idea to create the great stylish bags.

Methee's hemp bags are produced with the eco-friendly hemp fabric derived from the organic and sustainable hemp farm in the mountain of Thailand. Not only the farm that is organic and eco-friendly, but the way it is cultivated, weaved and dyed through the natural processes only. The workers work with happiness as they are supported with fairness and happiness.

Buying Methee's hemp bags is similar to the buying of the culture of Thailand's mountain people because hemp fabric of Methee are grown organically by them and through their knowledge.

Now all the 3 series of Methee's hemp bags are as follows: Shopper&tote bags, Envelop shoulder bags, and messenger bags. For more information about the products please feel free to visit product page in the website.

Please kindly contact Hempmethee, Environement is waiting for the person who are ready to push forward the green dream.

Methee Wu
Designer of Hempmethee

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