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Help this ministry to create a christian magazine and bless hungry souls.

In the country of El Salvador, delinquency and poverty are serious problems that affect the entire country and this ministry want to provide a solution for some people as they have done so far.

A group of people started a ministry helping poorest people of Santa Ana city, by providing some basic grains, such as beans, corn, rice, etc. And some daily basic foods.

Unfortunately they need funds to continue helping others, but they have devised a way to get it, through a Christian magazine that want to create because, some of them own skills as graphic designers and they have worked previously as creating journals but don't have a camera.

This ministry need your help to reach our goal with this campaign and to continue helping people.

This campaign is not only important for they but for the people who they will help in the future because they will not stop helping as many people as they can.

"To me and my family is a responsibility and a target we want to achieve with your contribution to this campaign , your help is very important."
Daniel Mena, leader of the campaing.

In salvadoran society, it is very important to talk about moral values and Christian , that's why they want to create the magazine and raise money all the time to finance the project and help poor people, They only need a professional camera for this project , and that is the help they are requesting , to raise funds to purchase a professional camera.

You can make donations through paypal.
Enter this site to see the full project and help them.

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