Help Me Fulfill My Dreams of College

This young man is on a mission he not rich but that is not stopping him from reaching for his dreams. Oston's motto is No matter how young no matter how poor we can all make a difference. Now he wants to make a difference in College

Oston has made many dreams come true with his Jemba's Annual Toy Drive. For six years he's hosted Jemba's Annual Toy Drive. Now he is embarking on a new venture, a quest for a college education.

Oston feels fortunate that he was accepted to John Cabot and the American University of Rome both in Italy. He also won a Mahatma Rice Univision Scholarship for $2000.00 but he needs $33.500.00 more so he started an Indeigogo Campaign to raise tuition money.

As quoted on his Indeigogo Campaign - " I am not rich but I am on a mission. I need to raise money for college. In America the projections for a young man like me (black, low Income and from a single parent ) are that I will end up incarcerated, dead, on drugs, or disengaged from my Mom and my future family.....Well that's not me, I will not be another statistic! "

Oston has received many distinguished awards. In 2010 Oston received the PT Barnum 50 year Celebration Regional Silver Community Service Award, in 2012 the ABC Cool Kids Award, in 2014 the Presidents Volunteer Award for Community Service. The Jenesse Center Young Hero Honoree and in January 2014 a Proclamation from the Los Angeles City Council for his dedication to community.

See Oston talking about his goals on You Tube Link of the Michael Coylar Show: "I get up Late" Oston appeared on May 5,2014 check out the link [url:]

This teen is worthy he needs help to make his dreams come true !


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