Heat Water With Solar Panels: EnergyMyWay Adds ImmerSUN Solar Water Heater to Range of Products Installed

Nation-wide renewable energy system installers, EnergyMyWay, announced the latest addition to their range of eco-products - the ImmerSUN solar water heating system - and recommend it over smart energy switches to heat water from solar panels.

Headquartered in Oxfordshire, national installers of green energy systems, EnergyMyWay today announced a new addition to their range of renewable energy systems. 4eco Ltd's ImmerSUN solar water heating system enables homeowners to divert surplus electricity generated from solar panels to their immersion heater.

Like a smart switch, the ImmerSUN works via a series of clamp meters that monitor the amount of surplus electricity you are producing, and can then be programmed to divert the excess energy to an appliance.

The key difference is that ImmerSUN ramps up or down the power it sends to the immersion heater in 1% increments depending on the available electricity, whereas an energy saving smart switch is purely an on/off switch: it will switch a 3kW immersion heater on when you reach, for example, 1kW of surplus electricity, but then draw 2kW from the electricity grid.

Director of EnergyMyWay, James Eades, commented, "We believe the ImmerSUN device to be the most cost effective way of heating your hot water from your solar PV array. We're very pleased to be able to offer this product to our new and existing solar customers - it's another way for them to maximise their investment in solar PV.

"Energy efficiency and smarter energy usage is something everyone should be considering. ImmerSun is a smart device that recognises when more electricity is being used, for example, if you've got the dishwasher on, and it automatically reduces the amount of electricity it sends to your water heater. You rely less on the grid, saving money on your heating bills."

More information about solar PV and solar water heating systems can be found on the EnergyMyWay website at

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