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Heat Pump Provider Break Into The Suffolk Market

RA Brown, a heat pump installer and supplier based in East Anglia are looking to expand into the market in Suffolk. With their showroom recently launched and the RHI set to kick in it could be a perfect time to drive the business forward.

RA Brown, a supplier and installer of heat pumps in East Anglia have made a number of expansions to their company in recent months, and are now looking to target the ground source and air source heat pump market in Suffolk.

With the opening of their new showroom based near Norwich, it is now the perfect opportunity to expand the market and look to focus on a new area.

Heat pumps are a form of renewable energy which can be used either domestically or on business premises to generate energy to be used in hot water or heating systems. Using the natural environment they take heat from the air or ground (depending on whether it is an air source or ground source heat pump) and use this energy to heat water in a domestic or professional environment.

This expansion of the market for RA Brown comes at a good time, with the government poised to reveal their plans for the Renewable Heat Incentive. Similar to the Feed-in-Tariff which saw a boom in the number of people installing solar panels, the Renewable Heat Incentive rewards anyone generating their own heat through renewable resources. Air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps both fall into this category along with others such as biomass boilers and biogas. There are, however, some particular differences between the RHI and the Feed-in-Tariff. Firstly, the RHI will be paid for by the Treasury and not by energy users, unlike electricity there is no 'National Grid' so any excess heat created cannot be sold on as is the case for electricity and secondly, it has also been introduced in phases.

The RHI is still in Phase 1 of its implementation which excludes residential premises. With Phase 2 predicted to begin in the summer of 2013, RA Brown are hoping to hit the Suffolk heat pump market as the renewable energy becomes a great deal more attractive to a home owner as they are able to receive money for the heat they produce, as well as reducing their dependency on energy companies - whose prices continue to soar.

It's only a matter of time before we all need to start taking more responsibility about the energy we use on a day to day basis and how we care for the environment around us. The RHI should, like the Feed-in-Tariff, encourage more people to jump onto the heat pump bandwagon, saving them money, earning a fixed price for heat produced and also cutting down on their carbon footprint.

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