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Electronic cigarettes are being widely used around the world, in the form of a substitute for traditional cigarettes. Haelth007 has come up as a leading provider of quality electronic cigarettes. The company provides e-cigarettes and e-liquid online, through retail as well as through wholesale. The primary objective of the company is offering its customers with superior quality equipment for vaping. Each and every product of the store are selected carefully and tested extensively for reliability, longevity and performance before they are offered to the customer.


The company offers world-class shipping services. It can ship the ordered products to any area of the world including major places like Australia, Japan, Europe, Russia and USA. The products are transported by the company as soon as it gets the payment from the customer. The products are transported using means like EMS Express, China Registered airmail and Hong Kong airmail. With EMS Express, the products reach the door of the customer within 4 to 25 business days, with China Registered airmail, the time taken lies within 15 to 60 days and with Hong Kong airmail, it takes 3 to 10 days.

Categories of Products:
A few of the categories of products that the company offers are:

DEKANG e-liquid:

The company offers completely original DEKANG e-liquid. This e-liquid is a very popular and famous e-liquid. The store offers different strengths and flavors in this e-liquid, which are mentioned below:

1) Dekang cigarette taste - It has 34 different flavors and 4 different strengths of nicotine

2) Dekang peppermint taste - It has 5 different flavors and 4 different strengths of nicotine

3) Dekang fruit taste - It has 13 different flavors and 4 different strengths of nicotine

4) Dekang other taste - It has 12 different flavors and 4 different strengths of nicotine

FeelLife e-liquid:

The store offers genuine FeelLife e-liquid. This e-liquid has 30 great flavors for strengthening the taste. The company believes in offering the real tastes. When getting products from the company, customers can be assured that if a product says apple flavor, then the product would certainly taste like apple.

Unique features of this e-liquid:

1) It has a real flavor, which is much more as compared to smog.

2) The feeling of concentrated flavor is thrice to that of traditional e-liquid.

3) With the help of concentrated e-liquid, the e-cigarettes deliver the flavor and feeling wholly, rather than just adjusting the smog.

4) The e-liquid has 3 different strengthens of nicotine and 32 different flavors.

HANGSEN e-liquid e-juice:

The Hangsen e-liquid offered by the company uses natural ingredients, leading to a taste sensation similar to that in cigarette smoking. There are over 200 different flavors among which the customer can choose one when buying this e-liquid. The contents of the ingredients in this e-liquid are - VG, PG, nicotine and concentrate or essence. The Hangsen e-liquid gives a great feeling at the time of vaporing.

To get further information about the products and services offered by Health007, one can always visit the website of the company.

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