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Health Point Inc. Finalizing Plans For IPO

Health Point Inc. continues to receive strong expressions of interest through pre-sale subscriptions from potential investors for its initial public offering slated for the middle of 2014.

The global clinical research industry acknowledges Health Point Inc.'s important contributions to potentially lifesaving stem cell research. Third party analysts agree that with additional funding from the public offering, Health Point Inc. will be well positioned to expand its operations and greatly increase the companies' market value.

As a leader in the provision of hematological samples to the research community, Health Point Inc. has over two decades of experience in performing hematopoietic stem cell assays. Numerous important health research projects and clinical studies around the world rely on the cell assays performed by Health Point Inc. to extend or complete their work.

Health Point Inc. (HPI) is a privately-owned company specializing in the development, manufacture and supply of stem cells for basic research and therapeutic development for the treatment of various diseases and conditions. The company utilizes what it calls Creative (stem cell-based) technology and other developed proprietary methods in the field of regenerative medicine that would enable drug discovery and life-changing therapies. More information can be found at

Health Point Inc. is committed to deliver safe, effective and affordable stem cell therapies in a bench-to-bed approach, by nurturing cutting-edge research and clinical applications and by matching customer satisfaction in attaining the rejuvenating hope. Health Point Inc. strives to maintain scientific and ethical practices through a Quality Management System in accordance with accepted national and international norms. Health Point Inc. will accomplish this through dedicated efforts of its team to continually monitor and improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System to excel and innovate thereby reflecting that we are truly pro-Life.

The information contained in this release is provided on an errors and omissions excepted basis. No statements contained within are to be construed as an offer for sale of share capital or any other offer contrary to securities law. Information is current at time of publishing. Health Point Inc. cannot be held responsible for out of date or changing information. It is the responsibility of the reader to seek out up to date company information at and other sources before making any material decisions.

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