Health Club To Compensate For Illegal Membership Termination

The forum charged the club for the punitive damages of Rs. 2 lakhs to be paid to the opposite party.

Health clubs are the way to remain healthy-physically and mentally. That's what the huge hoardings of gym centers with models running on the cardio seem to depict. Although, there can be a difference of opinions about the ability of a health center to provide fitness and sanctity, no one in his weirdest of dreams can think that a reputed branch of international gym conglomerate will take a unhealthy turn in its behavior. We should not be surprised at all though, as consumer issues have a tendency to pop up its head from the most unpredictable corners and from the places least expected.

Contrary to the fact that health clubs are meant for promoting mental and physical health, a branch of UK based club displayed that it had different thoughts all together. Two consumers who had taken membership of the aforesaid health club were surprised to get rewarded with the termination of membership because he raised his voice against the facilities provided by the club. Showing total disregard and disrespect to the health of consumers, the club going against the contract illegally terminated it without even prior intimation.

The consumers had to face this ridiculous behavior because they had voiced out certain issues about the facilities that were being offered to them, which were totally different from what was promised by the club when the contract was signed. This whole episode irked the consumers to such an extent that they approached the New Delhi District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum and lodged a complaint against the health club.

The Forum in turn seriously took note of the whole situation and the prevailing irregularities of services on the part of the health club and slapped a fine of Rs. 2 lakh on the club for terminating the membership of the two consumers illegally just because they had raised issues concerning deficiency in facilities being offered to them by the club. The Forum did not stop at this. It also ordered the civic agencies and the Delhi Police to review the health club's no-objection certificate granted for running business in India. The consumers in question were Praveen Swami who is a journalist and Mihira Sood who is an advocate both residents of New Delhi.

The forum charged the club for the punitive damages of Rs. 2 lakhs to be paid to the opposite party. Out of Rs. 2 lakh half of the amount will be given to Delhi State Consumer Welfare Fund as deposit and the remaining amount will be paid to both the consumers towards the legal expenses and damages for harassment.

There are instances when we fail to object to a certain situation, just because the opposite party has high credit and reputation. But even such companies and people falter and if they are not punished for their illegal actions, the common consumer will continue to suffer for their illegal atrocities. Raising voice against violation of contract or any other illegal behavior is the right of every consumer and he should never refrain from doing so.

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