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Health Care Reform iPhone App Available on iTunes Store

Beaver Creek Consulting, today, announced the availability of the Health Care Reform calculator which can be used from your iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. This neutral calculator provides results as to how the bill will impact you.

(Washington, D.C.) Beaver Creek Consulting, today, introduced the Health Reform Calculator App for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Because Americans have very little information regarding how this bill will impact them, this solution was designed to assist in providing a neutral view. After users download this App from the iTunes store, they can use an easy-to-use calculator which provides results based on individual scenarios.

The Health Reform Calculator App comes at a time when the country is asking questions as to how the changes will affect them based on factors such as their income, their state of residence and existing insurance plans. "We recognized that there wasn't customized information available to people, "said CEO Marty Kube. "Instead of having people pour through websites or read through the entire bill, we wanted to provide answers that mean something to each and every person."

This App was designed to be intuitive. After users enter several factors regarding their personal situation, the results from the calculator will show how the bill will impact life. More specifically, it estimates what it could mean for health coverage and taxes based on income, current insurance status and location.
Continuing Beaver Creek Consulting's dedication in providing quality Apps that are meaningful to people, it does not come as a surprise that the iTunes store helped launch this exciting and revolutionary product. Selling at 99 cents, the App can help families plan for their future as the health care reform becomes more of a reality.

Beaver Creek Consulting is a software development and consulting firm providing solutions in both the commercial and government sectors. Our experience in working with Fortune 500 companies has given us the breadth and depth of knowledge that spans design, implementation, and consulting services.

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