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Health Alert: The "Indigestible" Food Essential For Digestive Health

In general, people eat to feed their entire body. But there is one food in particular that is essential for gut health - even though it's "indigestible". Two doctors explain why this food's so important.

Usually, when people think about getting good nutrition to nourish their bodies, they're thinking about feeding their human cells. But in fact, people should be paying just as much attention to feeding the non-human cells inside of them.

Surprisingly, the human body has more bacterial cells than human cells - trillions of them. They outnumber human cells 10 to 1. And while some of these microbes can be harmful, many of them are key to maintaining excellent health. These bacteria keep the immune system sharp and strong, they help with digestion and they even produce certain nutrients.

Because they're so good for your health, these friendly bacteria are called "probiotics" which means "for life."

"I cannot emphasize enough the importance of these bacteria," says Dr. Mark Drucker, MD from the Center for Advanced Medicine. "We need to have a good quantity of healthy bacteria in our intestines. When people don't feel well often they have an imbalance of microorganisms in the digestive system. But here's the thing . . . these probiotics don't eat the same food we do. So in addition to eating for your liver and heart cells, you have to start thinking about eating for your bacteria cells as well."

And what do these tiny health allies eat?

Prebiotics. Prebiotic food is fiber human digestive cells can't digest. But probiotic bacteria love it. For example, the helpful bifidobacteria that live in the colon turn this fiber into butyric acid which not only feeds them, but also helps feed the colon cells.

And when people feed these helpful bacteria right, the body can respond in amazing ways.

In one 2012 University of Illinois study involving patients whose intestines had stopped working, researchers were amazed to find that simply by feeding patients fructooligosaccharides (one of the fibers the gut bacteria likes to snack on), they could regrow the intestines and improve intestinal function significantly.

So what kinds of foods feed these friendly bacteria with the fiber they need? Wheat, onions, chicory and garlic all have been shown to be great sources of prebiotics.

The good bacteria in the gut also love the fiber and nutrients found in chlorella algae. Thanks to its rich supply of prebiotic food, chlorella can actually triple the rate of growth of good bacteria in the gut.

Natural health practitioners consider the relationship between humans and the friendly bacteria inside of humans to be a key factor in good health. "I love talking about the gut and stomach," says Dr. David Nelson, Ph D., also of the Center for Advanced Medicine. "Because they're probably the most important organ of the body in determining whether you're going to be healthy or sick."

To find out more about how bacteria work inside the body and how to nourish these surprising partners in good health, watch this special video featuring Drs. Nelson and Drucker at

About Drs Mark Drucker and David Nelson

Drs. Drucker and Nelson are widely recognized leaders in the field of nutritional and anti-aging medicine. Dr Drucker is the co-founder and medical director of the Center For Advanced Medicine in Encinitis, California and Dr. Nelson is the nutritionist at the Center for Advanced Medicine. Both doctors are esteemed members of the Sun Chlorella Advisory Board, which helps guide the medical innovation behind Sun Chlorella products.

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