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Health Alert: Nature's Best Solution For Feeling Taxed

Everyone dreads taxes. And while there is no way to avoid them, this holistic doctor offers a natural solution to take the edge off the stress taxes inspire.

Today with the arrival of the deadline to file taxes, many people are feeling taxed physically as well as financially. Holistic doctor Matthias K. Maas, DC offers a solution to help reduce the effects of stress.

"When stress hits, it hits hard," notes Dr. Maas. "And it's not just an emotional trauma. Stress hurts our body tremendously. But the truth is, we can't always avoid the tough things life dishes out. That being said, we don't need to let this pressure-cooker periods get the most of us. Many of my patients have found support for dealing with stress in the Asian root, eleuthero."

Eleuthero may be the best botanical "prescription" for these anxiety-ridden times. With a world that refuses to slow down . . . an economy that refuses to get moving . . . and all the challenges of marriage, family and life squeezed in between, everyone's feeling like they're on the edge.

Into this vicious swirl of pressures and worries, comes what ancient healers called The Root of Life, eleuthero, to offer some support.

Eleuthero has been tested in some of the most extreme situations . . .

- Eleuthero became a central part of the former Soviet Union's space program. On their first orbit of the earth, Soviet astronauts toasted their success with an eleuthero drink.

- Soviet explorers, sailors on stormy seas, miners deep under the earth, soldiers, truck drivers and factory workers all turned to this revitalizing root to keep them going in rough work conditions.

- In study after study, researchers reported eleuthero helped participants stay calm and perform at their best under pressure.

But one study from the journal Stress and Health demonstrates in particular how eleuthero physically changes how the body reacts to stress.

Researchers put a group of healthy young men and women through a stressful mental test. Everyone in the group showed the normal response to stress - increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Then they divided the group in half. One group took eleuthero for 30 days. And the other group took a placebo.

When they repeated the test, everyone's heart rate and blood pressure increased, as expected. However, without exception, the group that had taken eleuthero showed a 40% reduction in heart rate increase. The women who took eleuthero also showed a 60% reduction in systolic blood pressure increase.

Their hearts still reacted to stress. But not as dramatically as before they had taken eleuthero.

"This is a significant finding," notes Dr. Maas, "On the outside, people who try eleuthero are amazed at how much better they weather tough times with this special root. But now we know that this is not just a matter of perception. On the inside, eleuthero seems to help your body adjust to stress better."

- Some researchers speculate that eleuthero's special molecules, called eleutherosides, mimic stress hormones, taking a burden off the body to produce these resource-intensive chemicals.

- In addition, these researchers also point out that eleuthero has compounds in it that are similar to the chemical signals the body uses to turn the stress response off. By speedily removing stress hormones from the bloodstream, the body can relax and recuperate much more quickly.

To put it simply, it seems eleuthero makes stress less stressful on the body.

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About Dr. Matthias K. Maas, DC

Dr. Matthias K. Maas earned his degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Maas is a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in natural health, proper and practical nutrition, nutritional therapy, Contact Reflex Analysis, and Alternative Health Therapies. He has been practicing Chiropractic since 1990. Dr. Maas is a member of the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health as well as the Foundation of Nutritional Therapy and Advanced Nutritional Therapy.

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