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Health Alert: Doctor Reveals How New Research Sheds Light On Liver Health

Long known for its support in removing toxins from the body, Sun Chlorella may also help support the body's chief detoxifying organ

Chlorella supplement manufacturer, Sun Chlorella USA today announces promising results from a recent clinical trial connecting the superfood chlorella to liver health. A small-scale clinical trial has shown Sun Chlorella supplementation may positively impact liver enzyme levels in the blood.

"For a long time we've known Sun Chlorella is outstanding when it comes to toxin removal," notes chlorella researcher and member of the Sun Chlorella USA Advisory Board, Dr. Michael E. Rosenbaum, MD. "Chlorella contains special fiber that binds with toxins. It also has the highest concentration of chlorophyll, nature's best cleanser, on the planet. A number of studies have shown chlorella can help your body ferry environmental toxins like dioxin and heavy metals out of the body. But this new research expands our understanding of how chlorella may help you detox."

According to the clinical trial results published in the 2013 February issue of The World Journal of Gastroenterology, chlorella supplementation over a 12-week period resulted in lower liver enzyme levels.

The largest internal organ and largest gland in the body, the liver serves an essential role in the body's removal of toxins. In a two-phase process, the liver breaks down toxins like alcohol, drugs and pollutants. And then repackages them so the body can safely and easily eliminate them. The liver also plays a key role in the body's energy metabolism.

When the liver is stressed, it increases the release of particular enzymes in the blood. One of these enzymes is alanine aminotransferase (ALT). Doctors can use ALT measurements to help determine the health of the liver. Lower enzyme levels indicate good liver health.

In the 2013 clinical study, 13 participants took Sun Chlorella supplements over a 12-week period.

The patients were given the following doses:

• (3) 500 mg Sun Chlorella tablets 2X per day for the first week and then 3X per day for the remaining 11 weeks.

• 30 ml Sun Chlorella Wakasa Gold 2X per day for the entire 12 weeks.

After 12 weeks, 84.61% of the participants had a statistically significant decrease in their ALT liver enzyme levels. The control group of 26 had no change in ALT liver enzyme levels.

In addition, 76.9% of the participants taking chlorella reported experiencing more energy and 53.9% reported a perception of better health overall.

"The liver is the body's chief detoxifying organ," notes Dr. Rosenbaum. "More and more, we're learning how toxins tax our body and drag us down. With this understanding, many of us in medical and natural health research are gaining new appreciation for the liver's central role in keeping us healthy. This is just a preliminary clinical trial. Nonetheless, the results are exciting. Sun Chlorella's potential support for liver health also means a stronger case for its role in overall health and wellbeing."

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About Dr. Michael E Rosenbaum, MD

Dr. Michael E. Rosenbaum is a 35-year veteran and widely recognized pioneer in the field of nutritional medicine, alternative healthcare and medical acupuncture. As one of America's most respected experts in natural health and healing, Dr. Rosenbaum has been a frequent lecturer to professional medical groups and has participated in numerous television and radio talk shows. He is also an esteemed member of the Sun Chlorella Advisory Board, which helps guide the medical innovation behind Sun Chlorella products.

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