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Health Alert: Breast Cancer Is Not The Biggest Health Threat Women Face

Despite the widespread media coverage, breast cancer is not the biggest threat to women's health. Integrative medical doctor, Dr. Shera Raisen, explains how to guard against the most significant health issue women face.

Heart disease kills more women than any other disease. In fact it kills more women than all cancers combined. And it kills more older women than it kills older men.

Unfortunately, not enough women take this threat seriously enough. While it's slowly gaining more recognition, it's not on most women's radars . . . and it's not on enough physicians' radars as well.

"As an integrative doctor who specializes in women's health," says Dr. Shera Raisen, MD, "I'm thrilled to see the growing campaign for breast cancer awareness. But I have to admit, sometimes I'm a little worried, too. Because as bad as it is, breast cancer is not the biggest killer women face. In fact it's dwarfed by a health problem that unfortunately doesn't get nearly as much publicity. More women are killed by heart disease than any other disease."

As one thoracic surgeon noted, women tend to get the bikini treatment when it comes to health care, focusing only on their breasts and reproductive organs. Indeed, there's a lot more to women in between that needs care. Chief among these parts is the heart.

Dr. Raisen offers some tactical advice for how women can protect themselves against this health threat.

While some women have the odds already stacked against them if they have a family history of heart disease, for most women protecting the heart is a matter of lifestyle changes.

• Eat lots of veggies and fruits to get lots of fiber and antioxidants.
• Move. Get active - sweat!
• Take care of emotional health issues. Minimize stress and maximize good relationships.

"You've probably heard this advice about diet, stress and exercise before," continues Dr. Raisen, "But here's the thing that you may not hear from your doctor . . . No medical intervention - surgery or drugs or special medical devices - none of these can fix a broken heart. Sure, we can patch things together a bit to help your heart limp along. But it's not the same as having a healthy heart. And while sometimes western medicine can help, many of these interventions may even make things worse."

For example, several studies have shown certain statin drugs offer no benefit to women at risk for heart disease. And there is some evidence that it may even increase women's risk for heart attacks and death.

In 2012, the Archives of Internal Medicine published a study showing that statins increased the risk for diabetes in post-menopausal women by 71%.

"While talking lifestyle change and prevention may seem hard, it's not as bad as you might think," advises Dr. Raisen. "Sure, it takes a little will power and intention. But even just small changes can make a tremendous difference when it comes to heart health. As New York Times health journalist, Gretchen Reynolds wrote in her groundbreaking book, The First 20 Minutes, the biggest health gains are made in simply moving 20 minutes more each day if you've been sedentary. And you can break it up and do 10 minutes in the morning and another 10 minutes in the afternoon."

Dr. Raisen also has good advice when it comes to improving nutrition. She recommends using the whole food supplement, chlorella. Chlorella can be taken either as a tablet or as granules mixed right into food.

Chlorella contains powerful heart-healthy antioxidants like chlorophyll and beta carotene as well as vitamins essential for heart health like vitamin D and B12. And it has the essential mineral for heart health, magnesium.

Finally, research indicates chlorella may help make a difference in maintaining healthy cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels as well as blood pressure levels.

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Dr. Shera Raisen provides outpatient care integrating Western medicine with complementary therapies by utilizing nutritional counseling and therapy, herbal and functional medicine, hormone replacement, and guided meditation. Her practice emphasizes preventative medicine, women's health, and optimal health in mind, body and spirit. She is also an esteemed member of the Sun Chlorella Advisory Board, which helps guide the medical innovation behind Sun Chlorella products.

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