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Dutch Biophysicist Johan Boswinkel Explains Biophoton Therapy on free online resource at www.MyHealingRooms.com

Nutritionist Barbara Slaine, visionary director of a Connecticut-based healing center, opened the doors to a new online resource for people seeking viable holistic alternatives to traditional western medicine in February. Her goal is to empower people with a choice of tools and resources to make their own choices when dealing with their health. Her vision is to showcase the world's leading healers on a global website that is free and informative for people around the world, a place where they can find holistic modalities that are proven and true and learn about them in comfort and privacy, whenever and wherever they are. Her motivation is to give a gift of love to help people heal and become whole.

It follows then that Barbara would shed light on Dutch biophysicist and Ph.D Johan Boswinkel's Chiren instrument, engineered to measure vibrations and light disturbances in the body and correct them. Johan Boswinkel is the founder and managing director of the Institute for Applied Biphoton Sciences and the inventor of the Chiren Instrument, developed to read a body's own light to identify and rectify the faulty biochemistry issues in a person's body.

"Johan is an internationally renowned lecturer and biophysicist who has 30 years of experience in this field and teaches applications of his instrument all over the world," said Slaine, who offers this treatment at her Weston, Connecticut healing center through a trained practitioner. "This instrument is a non-invasive approach to find and remove the disturbances that cause health symptoms and has been effective for persons of all ages."

Stated simply, the Chiren instrument is designed to combat disease using electromagnetic frequencies. The instrument works by measuring the amount of biophoton light body cells emits. If disturbances in that light are detected, the instrument can eliminate the blockages and restore the body's natural ability to communicate. The instrument, now in its sixth generation, is sensitive enough to determine if the cells emit a coherent - healthy - light, or chaotic light, indicating the presence of disease.

The person being treated holds two glass electrodes, one in each hand. One measures and records the light the body is emitting. That light is then inverted in the machine and returned back to the body through the other electrode. The process is repeated with the feet. Depending on the disturbances detected, the entire process takes upwards to two hours and treats the body with a person's own light.

Boswinkel does not come by his theories lightly. He has spent a lifetime investigating, researching, questioning and measuring the results of his work. He has found that humanity is dealing with more diseases than ever, many due to changing lifestyles, diet, stress, viruses and antibiotic resistant bacteria, and people are not building natural immunities to illnesses as they should. Traditional medicine, he laments, has not evolved to deal with this changing medical landscape and doctors are still treating people the same way they have for generations. Not an advocate of the continued use of antibiotics, Boswinkel says they work to suppress diseases, not eradicate them. "When the antibiotics have run their course, the illness commonly returns."

He believes in introducing remedies chosen by a person's own body, saying that it is the person's body that tells the Chiren instrument what frequencies and remedies it need to be able to reset and detox.

"It can be as simple as removing environmental toxins from a person's lifestyle," he said, explaining that his instrument can detect the spin inversions that commonly cause chronic illnesses with patients he sees.

What other ailments has he successfully treated with his Chiren instrument? The list includes a variety of physical conditions and it is extremely effective with depression, anxiety, allergies, neurological and digestive issues.

"There are no recipes that work for everyone," he cautions. "The instrument focuses on the individual's own light to heal their bodies." Currently, there are 40 instruments being used in the United States.

Barbara Slaine's interview with Johan, along with a video demonstration of the Chiren instrument, offers an illuminating look at this promising treatment that promotes preventive measures and cures unique to each individual. For more information, visit www.myhealingrooms.com

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