Healing Sexual Trauma Topic of "Soulful Sex" Telesummit Featuring Expert Panel

Stephana Johnson, Executive Director of Stephana Enterprises, Inc. helps women and their families heal from the pain and shame after sexual trauma and is hosting the Soulful Sex Summit, a free virtual event, starting April 29.

Sexual trauma impacts health in many ways and can lead to long-term physical and mental health problems. They are often fearful or anxious and may have problems trusting others. Anger and stress can lead to eating disorders, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. Sexual abuse can hold many back from experiencing a long term loving relationship or worse yet, keeping them stuck in a relationship that is abusive.

Stephana Johnson, Executive Director of Stephana Enterprises, Inc. empowers women and their families by helping them heal from their past sexual traumas and is hosting the Soulful Sex Summit, a free virtual event, starting April 29.

"As a result of personal sexual trauma, I lived in shame, fear and confusion until I was able to transform those scars into what I call 'sacred wounds'. After counseling and coaching others for over 20 years I discovered our greatest wounds lead to our soul's perfection," says Stephana.

The Soulful Sex Summit will include insight from some of today's top healing experts, including renowned couples' therapists Drs. Rob and Janelle Alex, business coach Beth Martens, and yoga healing instructor Kristina Lanuza. Discussions will help women:

Learn how to reduce and eliminate the grip of past trauma and PTSD
Understand why there is an epidemic of pornography and degradation around sex
Discover the differences between the energies of love and sex
Learn why and how sexual energy becomes depleted - and how to power it up

A full list of topics can be found at www.soulfulsexsummit.com.

"Victims of sexual abuse often confuse love with sex. They believe they are only loveable if they are sexually desirable," says Stephana. "This leads to confusion and fear. Sadly, we see this in the media, with otherwise talented performers who objectify themselves on wrecking balls. They fear they will be abandoned and rejected."

According to Stephana, Sexual energy is not just about the sexual act. Sexual energy is also related to money, creativity and expression. During the Soulful Sex Summit, women will expand their capacity for abundance in all areas of their life.

"Women give away their power in their careers, relationships and with money every day, and it tears at my soul, because it's preventing them from achieving their full potential," continues Stephana. "What I hope with the Soulful Sex Summit is this very important matter will no longer be kept to the dark corners."

The Soulful Sex Summit, a free virtual event, will begin April 29th. Replays will be available through the website. More information can be found at www.soulfulsexsummit.com or contact Stephana Johnson via email.

About Stephana Johnson

Stephana Johnson is a certified women and family coach and author of the forthcoming book, "Finding Joy Beyond Trauma: Stories of Healing, Strategies for Thriving". As a leader in the women's empowerment revolution, she has counseled abused women for over 20 years with best-selling training programs, home-study courses, teleseminar trainings, live events and mentoring programs. Stephana has won numerous awards for her speaking events and was honored by Glamour Magazine in 2001 with a Glamour/Saturn Women of the Year award.

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