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Pathways offers rehabilitation services to individuals in the comfort of their own home. "Heal the Heart" and embrace self- affirmation today.

Rehabilitation is a necessity for numerous Americans. The down economy paired with heartaches has left many people in a bad place emotionally. Shows like "Rehab with Dr. Drew" quickly gained popularity since these were real people trying to escape their issues that stemmed back to childhood. These individuals offer their stories with hopes of not only recovering, but also reaching people nationwide who are going through similar struggles. People suffering from drug addiction are not alone and also do not have to go to the extreme of putting their story on national television. Pathways offers rehabilitation in Salt Lake City to 95% of individuals in the comfort of their own home.

People who have watched episodes of Dr. Drew have witnessed the struggle of going through Rehab while being away from loved ones. Many people who suffer from addiction have young children at home that now need to be watched by relatives. It can also be a very difficult time to be away from a significant other as well. This is why Pathways makes it their priority to keep program participants comfortable in their own neighborhood and living space during this difficult time.

Pathways offers a 3 month program for the road to success. They live by words of wisdom such as "Real people, real life" and "Heal the heart". The goal is to cleanse patients of negative experiences, both recent and long term, that caused pain and scarring. This psychological approach aims for elongated results once the person can accept and overcome life's obstacles that have been holding them back.

Join Pathways today to break the cycle of addiction and open up to a world of self-discover and self-affirmation. Call (801) 867 - 3550 or visit for more information.

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