HDD Recovery Pro offers its users the ability to quickly recover information from badly damaged, corrupted, inaccessible and formatted disks.

- The Undelete Company updates HDD Recovery Pro, the company's top of the line data recovery tool. The new update expands the number of file types supported by PowerSearch and LivePreview algorithms, allowing the tool to recover and preview more types of documents from badly damaged, repartitioned and formatted storage media. The newly added formats include files produced by latest versions of popular desktop and mobile office tools, several exotic digital picture and music formats, and several additional video containers. Product's Web page contains full list of supported formats.

HDD Recovery Pro offers its users the ability to quickly recover information from badly damaged, corrupted, inaccessible and formatted disks. The tool offers two unique algorithms that put the tool consistently ahead of the competition: PowerSearch and Live Preview. PowerSearch offers the ability to locate known file types by their characteristic signatures even if the file record no longer appears in the file system. LivePreview is a convenience feature allowing the users to see live previews of supported file types before the recovery is made.

PowerSearch and LivePreview depend on a database of known file formats supplied with every installation of HDD Recovery Pro. By adding more file types into the database, The Undelete Company offers HDD Recovery Pro users the ability to consistently recover more types of files, particularly those created in the latest versions of desktop and mobile office environments.

About HDD Recovery Pro

With HDD Recovery Pro, users can successfully restore information from formatted, repartitioned, corrupted and inaccessible storage media. Supporting many kinds of storage devices, HDD Recovery Pro can automatically recover data from magnetic and solid-state disks, flash drives, USB sticks, memory cards, and many exotic storage devices such as some MP3 players and digital cameras connected to a PC via a USB cord.

HDD Recovery Pro can solve the most complex tasks, but it will happily handle easy jobs such as undeleting documents, restoring deleted photo albums or recovering erased tunes or videos.

The proprietary PowerSearch engine gives green light to recovering office documents, ZIP and RAR archives, digital pictures and videos in a wide range of format. The PowerSearch engine accesses the disk in low level, reading the entire content of the device in order to detect, locate and recover files in more than 250 formats even if the disk is formatted, repartitioned or completely inaccessible.

HDD Recovery Pro works in all versions of Windows and supports all revisions of FAT and NTFS file systems

About The Undelete Company

The Undelete Company specializes in manufacturing of data recovery and disk restoration solutions. The company constantly researches its target area, currently working on reconstruction of damaged files in various formats. The Undelete Company offers the entire spectrum of software products to recover deleted files, damaged file systems and corrupted disks and partitions to home users, SOHO and corporate customers. www.the-undelete.com

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