Have You Ever Wondered Why After 5000 Years to Tying Shoelaces We Are Still Tying Double Knots?

Many shoe wearers tie solid double knots so they don't trip over loose laces... but they struggle to untie them.

ClickTight's innovative lace lock system is invented by Jurrien Theuvenet. The original idea came to him after he developed a lace lock system for board shorts on the beaches of Mexico. He quickly realized that his lace lock system could also benefit athletes that currently use double-knots to tie their shoelaces. Back in Amsterdam Jurrien met up with Olympic athlete Hans Koeleman. Together in cooperation with TNO, the premier Dutch Technical Research Institute, they started the development of the best lace lock system for professional runners in the market. The result of this cooperation is a technically outstanding product of which the prototypes have been taken over the finish of the Chinese Wall and Paris Marathon and the Ultra Marathon Comrades in South Africa.

The ClickTight solution clenches the laces of athletic shoes. Runners don't have to replace their laces, as with other solutions, but just slip the ClickTights on (once), and "Click" them tight. To open and take of shoes, runners just need to "Click" them open. No hassle of untying double knots. Jurrien Theuvenet - CEO/Founder: "We have worked very hard to reach this moment. Now its finally time to give back what we have kept for ourselves until it was good enough for the running community from which we have received so much ourselves." The product is currently exclusively available through Kickstarter. On Kickstarter ClickTight offers backers various rewards that cover their complete product range and some limited special early bird deals.

About ClickTight: ClickTight, founded in 2012 by Jurriƫn Theuvenet in Amsterdam, has the mission to eliminate the headache of loose laces and double knots. The company has been a finalist in the 2012 Philips Innovation Awards competition and the New Venture Business Plan Competition.

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