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HARP Palm Beach - Personalized Treatment for Professionals to Overcome Substance Abuse and Alcoholism

Florida based Rehabilitation center HARP Palm Beach, offers specific treatment methods that help executives balance therapy alongside a demanding career. The various programs include Airline Professionals Program, Employee Assistance Program or the

HARP Palm Beach, Florida based Addiction treatment center continues to deliver the highest level of addiction treatment by focusing on individualized needs. The organization believes in bridging the gap between alternative and conventional treatment approaches to help patients successfully recover from addiction and alcoholism. They offer several treatment programs like Airline Professional Program, employee Assistance Program and Professional Assistance Programs to help individuals balance treatment alongside their work life.

With an integrated approach to treating their guests HARP delivers a variety of tailored treatment programs that are built on the pillars of Honesty, Assertiveness, Responsibility and Peace. A team of highly qualified doctors, psychiatrists, chiropractors and therapists with a clinical experience of over a century help clients overcome the compulsions of substance abuse.

The center has the unique ability to customize a variety of treatment methods and recovery lifestyle that match the client's requirements. "The vision of HARP is to re-define the entire treatment experience. We understand that no two individuals are the same; therefore, no two treatment plans should be" "We believe that in order to completely recover from addiction and alcoholism; one must address their whole being, mind, body, and spirit. Through our exclusive program, we have developed the HARP core principle plan."

Professional assistance Program/ Employee assistance Program: - This program caters to clients who have very demanding executive careers and require complete confidentiality and trust during their treatment. HARP has served a diverse clientele that include doctors, lawyers, coaches, musicians and several other professionals under this program. The program is headed by their Clinical director Charles Smith. The team at HARP understands the various family dynamics, career constraints and the demanding working hours that most of these professionals face and prescribe a treatment method that accounts for the same.

Airline Professionals Program: - Individuals working in the aviation sector have a very different lifestyle; their career demands varied working hours and frequent traveling. Doctors at HARP Palm Beach have more than a decade's experience in working with aviation employees and are familiar with the underlying commonalities of this profession. They provide specialized treatment that fully complies with the FAA guidelines. The treatment plan and continuing care plan prescribed by the doctors have been proven successful no matter where ones' travels take them.

HARP Palm Beach has been delivering the very best treatment and recovery plans to help individuals overcome addiction and alcoholism. They provide a client centric, multi-disciplinary approach that delivers the best chance for everlasting sobriety. The various programs like Airline professionals program, Professional assistance program or the Employee Assistance Programs have been planned to provide clients with a holistic treatment method. At HARP, individualized approach to recovery enables doctors to give direction, purpose and goals for clients to achieve and maintain a continuous sober lifestyle.

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