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Harnesses Make Walking Dogs A Safer Experience

Harnesses make walking dogs a simple, safer experience for both pets and owners. They come in many styles and colors.

A simple, easy to use product can make walking your dog a much safer experience, especially in urban environments.

Harnesses wrap around a dog's front legs and chest, providing owners with greater control and security when walking their pets. The critical point is that dogs find them much harder to get out of when compared to collars.

This means that owners are better able to control their dogs in busy urban environments. Cities, for example, can frighten small dogs. If a collar is loose or worn, dogs can break free. That means owners face the daunting task of trying to recover their pet. Each dog faces the terrifying experience of being surrounded by big monsters such as humans and fast-moving vehicles.

Pet harnesses come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. They range from basic devices that are plain, functional and inexpensive to ones that are colorful, flowery and fashionable.

Basic harnesses slip over a dog's head and neck then fasten on the back after wrapping around the front legs. Leads and leashes are clipped in roughly the same spot as with collars behind the neck.

Step-in harnesses are literally that: the harness wraps around a dog's legs and chest. A fastener connects behind the shoulders. Leashes clip above the fastener. They do not slip over a dog's head, which disturbs some pets.

While both types of harnesses provide owners with greater control over their pets, step-in models move the connecting point from the neck to behind the shoulders. Some veterinarians claim this connection reduces stress on a dog's delicate neck bones.

Harnesses may use a single click-type connector or Velcro ® style fasteners at two or more points. Unlike collars, though, harnesses are generally not designed to be worn constantly. They also often lack the ability to attach critical data such as licensing and contact information.

While harnesses have their limited disadvantages, another key plus is their ability to display pet owners' fashion sense. They come in every color, pattern and style imaginable from pink, blue, black or plaid to frilly dresses and elegant tuxedos.
Designers such as Hip Doggie, Susan Lanci, Sex and the City, Ruff Ruff Couture and others have created dog harnesses that are fashionable and fun while also being functional.

The Posh Puppy Boutique has a wide selection of harnesses for dogs and cats of all sizes and shapes. Visit the online store or call (888) 837-5230 for details.

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