Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel Pc

Prove your mettle as you grow your own trucking business. Can you stay in the black? Or will it be game over...

Built using the Prism3D engine, truck driving is more realistic than ever! Dense ambient traffic now surrounds the player for the first time in the series, allowing the player to experience the true fun - and difficulties, of driving a colossal 18-wheeler. Make a million dollars as fast as possible, buy new trucks, hire new drivers and haul more cargo to grow your company. This was also the first game in the franchise to feature real-life cities, spread across 3 different maps. Truck racing was removed completely.

Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel Pc lets you be the brave trucker and deliver cargoes in any of the three main areas of the game: Yungas Road (also known as Road of Death), Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road, and the Australian Outback. All three maps are "extreme" in their ways: Driving on the icy and snowy roads of northern Canada can be a tough challenge no matter what you deliver. The Australian long distance routes will let you drive "road trains", up to 5 multiple trailers attached. The South American area is known for its narrow roads, a moment of lack of caution and you find yourself dropping off the edge of a cliff. This game is quite different from the previous installments and the whole concept is changed. The player can no longer drive around in free roam unless you decide to go around the map during a delivery, but you can only pick a job offer from the selection menu only if users have met its requirements of having multiple new trucks and accomplished deliveries. The trucks and cars are this time made after real brands, although users can not own any vehicles through the game, and you are simply a truck driver seeking for various jobs. Still, today's low to mediocre range computer will be able to run the game without getting low FPS (1.9 GHz CPU,1 GB RAM,256 MB graphics accelerator). Continents: North America, South America, and Australia

The game was mostly poorly received by critics. Game was criticised mostly for change of series concept. But it was well received by players and some reviews were positive towards the game and praised the game for its graphics and gameplay.


Deliver cargo between 12 real-life cities:

Phoenix, Arizona
Los Angeles, California
San Francisco, California
Denver, Colorado
Boise, Idaho
Chicago, Illinois
Louisville, Kentucky
Las Vegas, Nevada
Helena, Montana
Reno, Nevada
Salt Lake City, Utah
Cheyenne, Wyoming

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