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Hanshin International HSI - China's Alibaba Finally Files For US IPO.

Hanshin International: Chinese e-commerce titan, Alibaba has finally filed for its US IPO which promises to be one of the biggest of all time.

Hanshin International HSI, After months of speculation and conjecture, Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba has finally filed papers for its IPO with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The IPO is expected to raise as much as $20 billion and valuation estimates of the company as a whole range from $150 billion to $200 billion. With some $240 billion-worth of transactions being conducted over its innumerable platforms, Alibaba handles more business than US e-commerce giants Amazon and eBay combined.

"The sheer scale of what this company handles is mind-boggling," said an Hanshin International technology sector analyst.

"80% of all online transactions done in China are done on Alibaba's platforms and the company has a number of diverse interests including cloud services provision, payment processing, a shipping company and with recent acquisitions totaling over $4 billion, it is branching out into games, instant messaging and video content too," he added.

HSI Hanshin International believes the IPO will almost certainly be oversubscribed despite concerns in some quarters over whether investors have the appetite or the money to accommodate such a large rights issue.

"Facebook's IPO was fairly large and created a company worth $100 billion overnight but the Alibaba offering will likely eclipse it especially given the sure-fire nature of some of its businesses in a country in which the transition from offline to online is nowhere near complete or maturing," concluded the Hanshin International analyst.

The firm says it will be acquiring stock for discretionary clients and advising non-discretionary clients to acquire and hold them for the medium-to-long term citing the companies' outlook.


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