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Handwash Reminders In Hospitals In Time For Global Handwashing Day

An infection prevention device called the Handwash Reminder is donated to hospitals across the nation to help enforce hand washing and prevent Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI's)

The owners of Pratts Creative Ideas, LLC are donating one hundred Handwash Reminders to ten selected hospitals across the nation in time for Global Handwashing Day.

Knowing the flu season is on its way, the owners want to help educate the importance of proper hand hygiene especially in children's hospitals. By providing the Handwash Reminders to hospitals, Pratts Creative Ideas, LLC want to help prevent the spread of Healthcare Acquired Infections within the facility.

Unfortunate, but true, sometimes hand washing signs are ignored and can cause a bacterial virus to spread by simply touching a door handle.
By enforcing hand washing with a voice device instead of a sign, more people will wash their hands, thus preventing the spread of contagious viruses and diseases.

The owners of Pratts Creative Ideas, LLC, are making every effort to ensure that more people wash their hands and after the previous years of H1N1, swine flu, norovirus, pertussis, E.Coli and other viruses, now is the time to maintain proper hand hygiene.

Millions of people died unnecessarily and could have been prevented by simply washing ones hands. The importance of clean hands does save lives. Washing hands actually removes transmittable viruses and diseases that may be lurking on your hands. Sanitizers are extremely beneficial, however, the fact is that hand washing is best!

The Handwash Reminder is being used in Cruise Ships, Food Manufacturing Plants, Nursing Facilities, Hospitals and of course the home. It appears that the Handwash Reminder may be great for stubborn ones who do forget to wash their hands. After all, no one really wants to catch a virus or be hospitalized..we may just need a little guidance and enforcement in proper hand hygiene.

So after reading all this..."Please don't forget to wash your hands as often as possible. The life you save may be your own."

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