Handfastings -An Old Tradition With A New Twist, Include A Handfasting Ritual In Your Wedding Ceremony?

You have seen it - a rope tied around the couples hands when they marry - Handfasting Cord Ritual - a beautiful and versatile ritual to incorporate into your wedding ceremony. Perfect to incorporate family, friends and children. A creation of family

Handfastings -An Old Tradition With A New Twist, Should You Include A Handfasting Ritual In Your Wedding Ceremony?

Handfasting with a twist. Today, more and more couples are looking for a way to express a deeper commitment to each other. Many have been married before and want their new partner to know a greater level of commitment. Or they have children from another marriage and want them to feel apart of the ceremony that is going to change their lives too. And some are solemates,and want to declare their love. All perfectly illustrated by adding the symbolic handfasting ritual.

It ads a level of personalized meaning into the wrapping and tying of the rope during the wedding ceremony that can be personally intimate to the couple.

The concept of a Handfasting is said to have originated with the ancient Celtic culture generally thought to be a cornish or scottish engagement ceremony binding for a year and a day. But research shows the handfasting ritual is found in almost everyone's ancestry. The term "tie the knot", and give her hand in marriage which are still used today, originates with the practice of handfasting.

Chicago area Wedding Officiant, Rev Pamela has been working hard to bring this amazing wedding tradition back to common practice adapting it to alternative symbolism . "Maybe by its reintroduction, Rev Pamela suggests, the handfasting will help people understand the seriousness of making and keeping their promises". Rev. Pamela owns and operates "Tie The Knot" custom made handfasting cords. http://Handfastingcord.net and marries hundreds of people every year in her Chicago 1920's Sears Home.

The handfasting ritual is perfect to retro-fit into almost every wedding ceremony to denote the couple's intentions. It doesn't mater what faith, or believe system, the handfasting can reflect their love and their reasons. I use handfasting rituals for

o addition level to a traditional ring ceremony, or in place of one
o renewing vows & anniversaries
o spiritual marriages & legal ones
o engagement announcement event for one year and a day
o same sex & heterosexual couples
o those with children to tie the family together
o family generations tie to the past to future

Couples can commission a handfasting cord or make their own. Steps taken by Rev Pamela when she makes a cord always incorporates personal prayers, luck and protection into the cord. The cord colors are selected by the couple according to their magickal properties and powers of good luck for the couple's future. Handfasting cord colors can be found on http://handfastingcord.net

Custom Made Handfasting cords bless the couple's union. Made to order handfasting cord five strands braided during a formal meditation to bless the couple and the cord. Prayers are marked with beads includes copy of the ritual and what was prayed for. handfasting cords for sale, handfasting cord colors, handfastings

DestinationWeddingChapel.com in Chicago is the private home of Rev Pamela Magnuson. Rev Pamela takes in-person appointments to perform spiritual handfastings and those accompanied with a cook county illinois marriage or civil union license to make it legal too. The wedding venue is a 1920's Sears home with a beautiful spring garden and bridal suite and is perfect for the couple's elopement or 30 guests.

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Rev Pam is an interfaith minister who serves her couples according to their unique personalities, belief systems, and desires. Hold your ceremony at her lovely suburban residence, Pine Manor, or the location of your choice. Pagan, LGBTQ, friendly.

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