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Announcement from Gutters London about the recent developments and improvements of the company.

By Marketing Department of Gutters London
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Gutters London are very excited to announce that their company is developing rapidly and have an extreme boost in bookings and satisfied customers. Since the boost in calls and bookings they experienced some difficulties and had to decline some of the jobs. But now all these problems are in the past and the gutter cleaning provider is happy with the achieved results, so they continue to provide their clients with top gutter cleaning and repair services. The management decided to increase the working force, equipment and more importantly - the coverage. The necessary improvements and additions are already operational and available to all their clients.

From today Gutters London are proud to announce that they have added 2 brand new cars to our base and hired 6 more qualified cleaning employees to assist their customers. The company will not decline a job anymore as they will always have a reserve cleaning team to assist emergencies. On top all these new additions, Gutters London have also upgraded most of their cleaning equipment. Their professional cleaners undergo a full training with the new cleaning machines, as well with possible cleaning techniques and skills available. All services are now performed with the latest technology for maximum results and full client satisfaction. One more telephone line has been opened to improve customer care support and bring the finest experience to Londoners. With this improvement the cleaning agency aims to decrease any waiting ime and distribute the traffic evenly for optimal performance of their hot lines.

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