Gunjan Aggarwal, Co-founder, Esquared INC., Showcases The Endless Possibilities Of Advertising And Branding On Online Media To Academic Leaders

As the Co-founder of ESquared Inc., Ms. Gunjan Aggarwal is quite used to addressing current as well as future journalists, editors, media managers, and corporate honchos for quite some time now.

As the Co-founder of ESquared Inc., Ms. Gunjan Aggarwal is quite used to addressing current as well as future journalists, editors, media managers, and corporate honchos for quite some time now. Yet 27th of November 2012 was quite a different experience for her, as her expert opinion on new media was sought in the Edutech Conference 2012, held at The Grand hotel, Saket in New Delhi. ESquared Inc. is one of the leading digital media marketing and branding companies providing cutting-edge solutions to more than 30 clients across the globe. Over the years, Ms. Gunjan Aggarwal has covered the entire gamut of new media to provide online PR, content creation, design, recruitment,corporate engagement, search engine optimization and social media management,for her impressive list of clients. Ms. Aggarwal is well-known across the industry for an almost instinctive insight in to client behavior that helps her create media strategies which work wonders for her clients.

"In the case of educational institutions which have been launched in the last decade or so, effective use of new media channels, is turning out to be a matter of survival," observed Ms. Aggarwal, using extensive data to establish her point. "The shutting down of numerous higher educational institutions in the last couple of years - mostly recently launched business schools and engineering colleges - has been majorly because they have not been able to get the right knowledge-partners to impress the target students. Students in urban centres spend anything between 4-16 hours on the net today! By 2015 the Internet infrastructure is all set to strengthen significantly in the semi-urban and far-flung rural spaces as well. Given the amount of time being spent by youngsters on the net, higher educational institutions can neglect tapping into new media and social media at their own peril."

In the following Q&A session Ms. Aggarwal spoke about various techniques, which ESquared is using for its European and American clients in the education domain, to reach out to prospective Indian students. She prescribed a series of steps that educational institutions should immediately take to protect and enhance their online reputation.

"The services desired of us are no longer restricted to SEO articles or social media management etc. Reaching out to potential candidates through series of strategically designed Emailers is a service often demanded by our clients now.Since we have pooled in immensely experienced talent from across the globe including USA, UK and India, quite a few of our clients now prefer that we write their profiles for conventional media as well, considering our expertise in the domain. Our Indian clientele is growing at an impressive pace."

Ms. Gunjan Aggarwal is regarded as a strong advocate of online media freedom and was recently invited to train editors for Times of India and perform multiple workshops for executives in media analytics. She has also been instrumental in launching India's first Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Communication at the 9.9 School of Convergence.A Charted Accountancy (CA) with an MBA from one of the top B-schools in Asia - Indian School of Business, Hyderabad - Ms. Aggarwal comes with a huge management experience bank. She has worked in an advisory role for Arthur Anderson and Citibank, and helped assist Fortune 500 companies to develop business strategies for entering the Indian market. As a consultant, Ms. GunjanAggarwal has helped set-up processes for quite a few educational institutions, including the corporate relationship team for North India of her own alma mater, the Indian School of Business.

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