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Gulet Tourism Boom Expected in 2013

According to industry professionals there is an expected boom in the new season for Gulet tourism 2013.

Gulet tourism begin in the mid 80's where you would find 12 - 13 meter gulets cruising on daily trips along the Southern coast of Turkey. Bodrum gulet charters were the origin of this industry.

According to gulet owner, Recep Cetin of Elle Yachting, "It was not until the early 90's did we experience a boom in private gulet charter holidays. The industry had reached its peak. With this huge popularity did these gulets change drastically in size and quality of build to accommodate the demand in the gulet charter industry in Turkey. Soon afterwards, in the year 2000 an interest by foreigners began - to become owners of Turkish built gulets. They would be purpose built for either personal or commercial use and chartered by local agents to travelers interested in blue cruise holidays. There is a Russian company now in Bozburun building gulets and shipping them out of the country, from their own shipyard".

"Construction originally began in Bodrum but later expanded to other seaside cities and towns such as Bozburun where you can see gulet ketch boats built. They build gulets here in Turkey and ship them to countries such as Croatia and Greece to make gulet tourism available there as well", states Mr. Cetin.

"I see a great future for gulet tourism. Along with my colleagues, and with the right strategy and marketing, as well as increasing interest in Turkish manufactured gulets for other countries, we are looking forward to a very successful year and expect another boom in 2013, says Mr. Cetin.

As a great alternative to family or group vacations in the Med, gulet holidays in Turkey may just be the route that travelers will continue to take for their get-a-ways at sea.

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