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Guitarist Dario Napoli Announces His Free 1-hour Masterclass Video Filmed At Django In June Festival

4 days, 3 per-day 2-hour sessions condensed in a 1 hour video covering all aspects of the gipsy jazz style of music.

Professional gipsy jazz guitarist Dario Napoli is offering a free 1-hour video containing the very best of the Masterclasses taught during last edition of the Django in June Festival in Northampton, MA. All aspects of this style of music are covered, with everything from theory to practice, rhythm, accompaniment, lead, licks, harmony, melody, right hand and left hand tips, all on actual tunes that are part of the Django Reinhardt tradition of guitar.

"There's a lifetime worth of information in this 1-hour video, and if you're into learning the gipsy jazz style of guitar, you'll probably find yourself viewing it for years to come", says Dario, who is an accomplished performer and teacher of the style.

The video was recorded live on HD cameras, as Dario leads the classes through the material in a practical, hands-on fashion, making sure that each and every student is able to follow him before moving forward.

"Django in June Festival is definitely one of the best Festivals I've been involved with", continues Dario. "The campus is great, the surroundings are beautiful, the staff is wonderful and everything is organized in a really wonderful way".

The video is available for free at http://www.darionapoli.com and comes in a series of 6, 10-minute videos, so it will be easier to access and review specific information. Click here to see a preview of the series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE_8RS6LVgk

Accomplished player, composer and improviser, Dario is an up and coming guitarist in the vibrant gipsy jazz scene worldwide and in Italy, opening last year's Django in June Festival, Arezzo Jazz anad Pennabilli Django Fest. When not touring, Dario teaches in his hometown, Cortona, as well as on skype. Dario is currently releasing his 2nd solo CD

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