Guardian Roofing Aims to Support For The Boston Marathon Victims, Paul and J.P Norden, With Donation Drive

Demonstrating support for victims of the recent Boston Marathon bombing, Guardian Roofing pledges to donate $100 for each roof purchased and $25 for each repair or cleaning job purchased in the month of May 2013.

The wake of the recent bombing incident during the Boston marathon in Massachusetts has shaken the entire nation and the rest of the world. Among the injured are two blast victims, Paul and J.P Norden, who are brothers that worked as roofers in the Boston Metropolitan Area.

Paul and J.P. showed their support to a friend who participated in the Boston Marathon and were standing right next to the 8-year-old boy who did not survive in the bombing event. Traumatic as it already is, the brothers both lost a leg in the tragic blast, causing the untimely termination of their contracting careers and leaving them without a way to earn a living.

In an effort to help Paul and J.P., Guardian Roofing has pledged to make a monetary donation and raise money for the fellow roofers. For the entire month of May, the Seattle roofing specialist will donate $100 for each roof purchased and $25 for each repair or cleaning job purchased.

"Our goal is to raise $5,000 for the brothers," confirms Guardian Roofing co-founder Aaron Santas about the company's efforts to demonstrate Boston Marathon victims support.

As with all roofers and roofing specialists, Paul and J.P. are assets to the industry. This donation drive aims to bring together the importance of supporting those affected by this terrible and tragic event.

To learn out more about Guardian Roof's efforts to help support those who fell victim to the Boston Marathon blast, please visit for details.

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