Group Made Famous By The Event Planning Industry Is Now Out-Of-The-Box!

Florida Special Event Band attained stardom after introducing trendsetting, high-energy, concert-style performances to the social event arena!

The Marcia Mitchell Band, professionally known as "MMB," was labeled "Florida's Best Kept Secret" a few years ago by a known radio veteran after experiencing what he thought was nothing less than a stellar performance at the opening of a small Bistro in Miami, Florida.

"MMB's" client base consists of Celebrities, Fortune 500 Corporations, Sports Celebrities and Institutions, Prestigious Hotels, Socialites abroad, Charity Organizations, and the list continues as their reputation precedes them.

Although MMB's musicians are originally from the recording industry, MARCIA MITCHELL MUSIC'S Flagship "Celebrity" Band has been a major contributor in the Special Event/Hospitality World and is famous for pioneering in their hip "concert-club style" performances to what would be your usual passe wedding or other commonplace social gathering.

In other words, they bring a star quality, CONCERT SHOW to smaller events and venues. After all, who wouldn't want to have the same fun and excitement they would have if they had paid for a high dollar concert ticket just to get a glimpse of a national recording artist?

The Event Planning Industry has a firm grip on this group and has caused bands such as MMB to become well-known and highly sought after, all of which is flattering; however, this can affect a band's visibility as its audiences are sometimes limited to those on the guest lists. MMB has taken all of this in stride and will never cease to enjoy what they do for the social arena and they can most definitely still end up at your own wedding; nonetheless, they will continue preparing for their anticipated global appearances as already their unique style has captured many elite audiences around the world and this band's shows, to say the least, are electrifying!

The party doesn't start until "MMB" gets there!

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