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Ground Penetrating Radar Services in Charleston

Detecting leaks in underground pipes can be a tedious task. Not anymore, with the use of Ground penetrating radar services.

Locating underground pipes and such is important to ground work and other handywork around the house. The Ground penetrating radar services in Charleston make use of high frequency radio waves to locate the pipes under the ground. It is very similar to the sonar, which is used in the ships and submarines to detect enemy ships. Here however it is used in a much smaller scale.

The high frequency sound waves are projected downwards into the ground, and the reflected waves are used to recreate a 3D model of the ground below. It shows clearly the location and construct of the pipes and utility network, which makes it easier to work with. The foremen can easily pick out the faulty spots and focus on repairing just that. It is less time consuming to use Underground locating services in Charleston than to dig up the entire section. It is also cost effective and is becoming increasingly popular.

This service utilizes some of the most complex machinery in the market, but it is totally worth it. When choosing such a service it pays to be on the lookout for people with the most experience and the best equipment. It takes a trained eye to detect the faults, and a good equipment just makes the task easier.

The software in the machine is capable of detecting even the smallest of leaks and lets the workmen know about it. Gone are the days when one was unsure if the work had be done properly. This little method has saved countless man hours and has prevented unnecessary money being spent.

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