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GreenWorld Continues To See Strong Demand For Its' African Farmland Investment

As agricultural land investing continues to increase in popularity, GreenWorld's farmland project in Africa continues to generate high demand.

Boutique alternative investment firm GreenWorld announced that its African Farmland Investment continues to see strong investor demand from both individual and institutional investors.

GreenWorld's project is located in the West African country of Sierra Leone. The investment is on land that was arable previously, but had remained fallow due to a lack of capital amongst the local population. By bringing both capital and modern farming techniques to the project, the developers have been able to achieve a win-win outcome for both investors' as well as the location population.

Green World Partner Adam Simmons said, "We are very pleased that this investment continues to see such high demand from retail investors. Its a fine statement of the value of farm land as an investment for individual investors."

Simmons further noted that GreenWorld's African agricture investment had the following characteristics:

1) A tangible asset held in your own name removing any default risk. Investors will own the lease to their land - and be allocated their own field providing the investor with security

2) Estimated 12-15% annual dividend income income from GreenWorld's African farmland investment. In fact, the last harvest produced an average return of 14% on investment.

3) So far, 1,200 acres have been cultivated, out of a total of 3,000 owned. The land is ideal for rice production but is underdeveloped and high yield farming has not been utilised in the past.

4) A project that is supported and accredited by the Sierra Leone government at the highest levels.

5) The project is committed to assisting the local population through employment, food, health and education support.

6) For UK investors, GreenWorld's agricultural land project is SIPP eligible.

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