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Greener Pastures Launches India's First Rain-forest Adventure With The Namdapha National Park Group Tour.

Greener Pastures, an ecotourism enterprise based in the remote northeast of India, launches its first group tour that will take travelers in a trek across India's largest national park.

Greener Pastures, an ecotourism enterprise functioning in the remote wilderness of North East India has recently launched it's first group tour which will be an expedition to Namdapha National Park in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India. According to sources inside the organization, adventurous group tours to the hills of North East India are the next big thing in the Indian tourism industry, as the region offers some very offbeat opportunities to travelers.

The adventurous tour cum trek will be of duration of 11 days and will begin on the 10th of December, 2012. Namdapha National Park is India's largest wildlife reserve and boasts of incredible rain-forest diversity. The group of eight to twelve people will begin their trek from Deban in Arunachal Pradesh, and will henceforth continue their journey to the interiors of the rain-forest. This is for the first time that such an expedition into a huge rainforest is taking place in India, an experience that can be compared to similar adventures that are undertaken in the Amazon in Brazil. After a few days inside the rain-forest, the group will get opportunities to camp in some pristine campsites where panoramic views of the eastern Himalayas are available. Along with the hundreds of species of birds, about ninety species of mammals, and amazing flora, the group will also get to witness the lifestyles of the Lisu Tribe who inhabit the deep interiors of Namdapha National Park and live a life that is wholly sustainable and environmental friendly. While in their village, the participants can indulge in the daily lifestyle and get to taste the ethnic organic food. The Lisu villages are also a wonderland of fruits, with varieties of sweet delicacies that can be plucked fresh from trees. After nine days in the rainforest, the group will trek back to Deban where they will get a chance to interact with the villages of the Chakma Tribe and Lama Tribe.

Greener Pastures has ensured all priority is given to security, service and comfort, as the trek group will be escorted by professional guides and naturalists. There will also be a number of porters who will accompany the expedition and take care of much of the logistics. The equipments provided will be of durable quality meant to survive rough rain-forest terrains.

For participation in the Namdapha National Park Group Tour, the price per person for Indians is twenty five thousand rupees, and for citizens of other countries, the price per person is five hundred forty dollars. For the ease of travelers, permits for visiting Arunachal Pradesh will be arranged by Greener Pastures itself. Bookings for this group tour can be done securely online by simply following the instructions listed in the website of Greener Pastures.

With hopes to bring about sustainable development in remote communities through promoting offbeat tourism, Greener Pastures plans to launch similar adventures in the future where travelers will be able to interact with communities and environment, and will play a part in their preservation and conservation.

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