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Greener Pastures Launches A Tour To The World Famous Hornbill Festival of Nagaland

Greener Pastures, a frontier ecotourism enterprise of northeastern India, launches a tour to the famous indigenous Hornbill Festival, held in the state of Nagaland in India.

Greener Pastures, a frontier ecotourism enterprise of Northeastern India which promotes responsible tours and adventures to exotic destinations of the region, has recently launched a tour which will take travelers to the world famous Hornbill Festival which is celebrated in the remote state of Nagaland every first week of December.

Nagaland, the land of tribes, is known as the land of festivals, and appropriately the tourism department of the state of Nagaland organizes the Hornbill Festival each year, in honor of the rich cultures and traditions of Nagaland. It is an event where all the tribes of the state participate willingly, coming together to display in extravagant and elaborate ways, the ways and customs of tribal life in Nagaland. It is a time of joy and zest throughout the communities, a time when colorful dances are performed by tribesmen and women wearing elaborately stitched dresses, songs and folklore are sung by local and popular bands, and majestic feasts are organized filled with limitless supply of rice beer and local ethnic cuisine. Other highlights of the festival include fashions shows, talent hunts, and display of traditional herbal medicine, food stalls, and many other ceremonies where ancient tribal customs of Nagaland are performed.

In this tour, meant for travelers, filmmakers, photographers, anthropologists and culture enthusiasts, one will get a glimpse of how life is lived in Nagaland which is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating states of India. Guests will get to participate in the festival activities, and enjoy the relentless dancing, singing, eating, drinking and merry making. They will also get to visit the villages and houses of the tribes, interact with them, and learn about their indigenous and sustainable ways of living. Nagaland is also bordered by Myanmar on one side, and short excursions to such nearby and very remote places is possible in the tour. There is also the village of Konoma where ecotourism in practiced in all its glory and has provided the people of Khonoma a reason to safeguard and protect their environment. Tourists get to stay in traditional Naga styled huts in Khonoma and the money generated from such tourism activities is utilized to protect and conserve the nearby Tragopan Wildlife Santuary which is home to the endemic and endangered species of pheasants called tragopans. Hiking in this sanctuary is permitted, and can be continued till the Dzoku Highlands which is one of the most scenic places in India where breathtaking rolling hills of bamboo stretch for miles and miles into the horizon.

Scheduled to begin on the 2nd December for a duration of 8 days, the tour is an once a lifetime experience for anyone and everyone, which will take a traveler to the remote wilderness hills of Nagaland, in a territory where tribes live in all their glory, a life that is sustainable, nature oriented and indigenous. Greener Pastures recommends that bookings for this tour should be made early, as accommodations for the festival start getting filled up months before the festival even takes place.

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