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Green Laser Pointer Reviews

Employed by extremely intense and visible laser light projecting, green laser pointer is always regarded as ideal tool for projection.

Laser is a kind of high quality light source. Usually green laser pointers mainly concerns 515nm green laser, 520nm green laser and 532nm lasers. Laser with wavelength range of 515nm and 556nm is called green laser.

Employed by extremely intense and visible laser light projecting, green laser pointer is always regarded as ideal tool for projection. Its beam is extremely bright both at night and during the daytime. As the result of strong ability of intuitive visible, anti-hybird light interference, green laser pointer is increasingly used for teaching, astronomy research or stargazing. In additions, the extremely visible beam green laser is also accepted by outdoor enthusiasts for outside rescue. Low powered optical device in pen design is also a good choice as gift to friends.

Applications of green laser pointers:
School education and lectures
Owing to its visible green light at long distance, green laser pointer is using as a sticker to point on board in education. No matter where you are standing in classroom, the green laser beam can easily focus on targeted point on blackboard for students clearly and accurately. A low powered 5mW green laser pointer would be a perfect choice for teachers in class teaching.

Business conference or lecture presentation
Low powered and greatly visible green laser pointer can make lectures interesting and easily. It makes natural and relaxed communication with customers freely.

Museum/Exhibition and tour guide
The time when you are encountered in unreachable parts in work, visible beam from green laser pointer can help you easily reach the goal. The laser pointer makes accurate indication of targets at whatever distance.

Wild travels and explorers
Green laser pointer can indicate distant targets and send out distress signals in outdoor adventure. It can make your outdoor travel more interesting and safer. A visible beam green laser pointer is the preferred equipment for outdoor activities.

Astronomy stargazing and pointing
Green laser pointer forms a very beautiful and bright laser beam in atmosphere with more than 5 kilometers. It is suitable for observing night sky, constellation, stars, low clouds and other objects in the sky. It makes accurate position of targeted stars or constellations.

Mining field and construction workers
Green laser pointer is greatly helpful to make remote indication and measurement of buildings. It avoids approaching danger zone direct connection, but make perfect conduction even though at long distance.

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