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Creators of handmade products and producers in Greece now have their own E-shop through a new digital platform CforCrafts (

How it all started

The vision of the creating team behind CforCrafts has always been to support and empower Greek handmade creations to global markets, an essential re-branding, which will ultimately lead to the establishment of Greece's artists in the hearts and minds of the world.

That's how CforCrafts was created; born by the need for creativity and the realization that it is better to function as a group rather than separately as well as through years of experience in retail markets and E-commerce.

It was January 2013 when everything was first set into motion. And somewhere around October 2013 CforCrafts goes live! Today, almost a year after the initial idea, CforCrafts has become the most complete digital platform for buying and selling Greek handmade creations and food products. It already hosts artists and handcrafters of jewellery, decorative items, fashion accessories, gift ideas as well as olive oil producers and it will soon be home to exceptional creations of traditional Greek art & much more.

What is CforCrafts?
Why a name in English? So it can be understood abroad of 'course.
A digital place dedicated to Greek handmade creations.
Every artist, every small food company has their own home inside a larger one; an E-shop of their own, for their own unique creations. They can sell them, manage them, and present them as they wish. They receive their orders directly from their customers and manage their payments.

CforCrafts' artists & producers don't have to pay any commission on sales and this was an important decision that was made due to the fact that it is only the beginning. The primary goal of the CforCrafts team is to help keep sales net! How does CforCrafts support itself? By a small monthly fee paid by the artists depending on the number of articles included in their E-shops.

Fulfilling every need
What about the artists and producers working in wholesale? At CforCrafts they can have that too.
Apart from the possibility of retail sales, CforCrafts offers professional crafters and producers the possibility to display their products for Wholesale distribution as well. Therefore they have the opportunity to "upload" on one E-shop products for Retail and Wholesale simultaneously.

On the other hand, high transport costs for exports being one of the major problems for producers & artisans, preventing Greek products from being truly competitive abroad, were a problem.
CforCrafts managed to offer a solution to this problem through an excellent collaboration with UPS and thus offering sellers who are interested in exports a special price list for dispatching their products abroad.

CforCrafts is therefore three-dimensional: Retail, Wholesale and the usability of a unique transportation costs price list for exports.

Simple, Greek, unique…and for a good cause!
CforCrafts' customers have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of exceptional Greek handmade creations and pay for their orders in 3 different ways (COD, PayPal and Bank deposit). They can make their purchases from up to six different E-shops in one check-out easily and quickly.

And that's not all…the CforCrafts team has created among the already existing product categories an additional one that is very special; Social Impact! CforCrafts is offered to Non Profit Organizations without any cost in order for them to create their own E-shop and sell their products. In addition to that artists participating at CforCrafts occasionally design creations an amount from the sales of which goes to Non-Profit Organizations! NPOs such as Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, Greenpeace and Arktouros already have their own e-shops at CforCrafts!

Notes for the editors:
CforCrafts ( was created by Irene Louizou and Nicolas Anamourloglou. It went online in October 2013 and now hosts artists and producers from different parts of Greece. It is available both in Greek and English. CforCrafts also keeps its doors "open" to all organizations, whose activities carry strong social impact (Arktouros, Greenpeace and Fashion Targets Breast Cancer). CforCrafts is a member of the Greek E-commerce Association (GRECA) as well as a Bronze Member of the Greek America Foundation.

The company aims at the presence of more than 100 new E-shops by the end of 2014, which will sell their products to multiple international markets such as Europe, the USA and Asia.

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