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Great American Packaging Launches New Poly Bag Calculator

In an effort to aid buyers of poly bags and sheeting, Great American Packaging, Inc. releases a new digital calculator to compute the weight of an order.

Great American Packaging, Inc., a leader in custom poly bag manufacturing, has announced the launch of a free digital calculator for buyers of poly bags and sheeting. For the first time, prospective buyers have the ability to compute the estimated weight of their orders before making any quote inquiries.

"We're always looking for ways to make life a little easier for our customers," stated Beth Smith, Marketing Director. "We identified an area that nobody else in the industry was tackling so we took it as an opportunity to develop a useful resource."

Buyers of poly bags can use the calculator to reduce time spent on the phone and streamline communication with manufacturers. They also have free range to experiment with individual metrics to see how each plays a factor in the overall weight. Available styles include flat bags, gusseted bags, sheeting, tubing, liners, handle bags, header bags, tape bags, wicket bags, and ziplock bags.

The calculator can be accessed the by visiting any product page on the Great American Packaging website ( Users can select which bag style they are interested in. They must then enter a short list of input fields depending on what bag style was chosen. The calculator processes factors such as the width, height, length, thickness, quantity, and additional components such as headers, zippers, and tape elements Once the data is submitted, the calculator returns an estimated weight on the following screen with instructions on how to get a quote for the order.

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