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Great Action Business Quotes By Espen Solberg

The new book "Great Action Business Quotes" by E. Solberg delivers insightful messages to motivate, open the mind and kick you into action! Anyone who seeks courage to take action MUST purchase and read this journey of insights.

"Great Action Business Quotes" is more than a book. It is counseling in a book, again and again. It does not matter if you read this book from front to back, or just turn to a page without looking; each insight and quote will touch the mind and bring courage to take action. The insight provided from those that have been living in one or several moments of action is an inspiration and exploring these can give you a eye opener. The right quotation, the right words, at the right time can make a huge difference in all business and personal life situations. It can give an opportunity to look at a certain subject from a new perspective, motivate people, take a good decision or simply entertain and delight as one discover the many facets of wisdom stated by known, less known and unknown people.

This new e-book "Great Action Business Quotes" found on or your closest Amazon-page by business professional and author Espen Solberg contains quotes collected and written down through over a decade of business work. This has been done, to put it in a simple way, with an interest for how encouragement, change and action through words can be achieved.

By reading this book of "Great ACTION business quotes", no. 1 in a range of more to come, there is a hope it will give one or several moments that will open the mind and encourage action in business as well as private life. Remember, "The first step binds one to the second" (Unknown) and "A rolling stone gather no moss" (Unknown). Go to or your closest Amazon-page.

Have fun and take action today!

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