GrandBox Launches First Subscription Care Package for Older Loved Ones and Seniors.

GrandBox opened their doors and now helps connect people with their older family members and seniors. Now multi-generational families are easily able to keep in contact.

GrandBox officially launches, connecting families all over the United States. The company sends a monthly care package to senior family members. They look to promote a healthy, connected family.

GrandBox has been designed specifically for the 42 Million Americans over the age of 65. With 3.2 million Americans living in nursing homes, with 900,000 in assisted living, GrandBox looks to help keep families in contact. For as low as $30.00/month, anyone can send an older loved one a curated package that includes something fun, something tasty, something necessary, and something personal from the sender, like photos and newsletter. Each package is a mystery for the receiver, and GrandBox lets the senders know ahead of time what their loved one will be receiving.

"We wanted a way to connect with our families, especially those living in nursing homes," said Joe Yeoman, Co-Founder of GrandBox. "We felt awful that we don't see our grandparents, great aunts, mothers and fathers enough. GrandBox is our way to show them we're thinking about them, we love them, and that we'll see them soon."

GrandBox is a way to connect your family. Sometimes you can't be around as much as you would like. GrandBox is a way to show them that you care when you are away.

"We believe that things from the heart don't need an explanation," explained Andy Papier, Co-Founder. "We have the experience, knowledge, and partnerships to create a box that connects your family."

GrandBox is a monthly care package for older family members and seniors. They make it easy to connect loved ones all across the USA. Every month, they select great gifts, healthy products, and things to make your loved ones smile.

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