Grammy Award Winning Mastering Studio Utilizes Legendary Equipment to Master Your Material

Mercury Mastering, the #1 industry standard mastering studio uses legendary analog and digital equipment to deliver audio mastering with clarity, warm low-end punch, stereo depth, detail and an optimum loudness level.

Mercury Mastering is known as the leading mastering studio online for achieving the big label sound required for all audio recordings. They utilize legendary equipment, both analog and digital, to master client's material.

Mercury Mastering and their highly experienced Grammy Award Winning engineers have worked with the world's musical greats, ranging all over the board including legendary artists such as Chicago, Cheap Trick and Kiss, to various modern artists including Kanye West, Victoria justice, Cake and P.O.D.

"Mastering is the final phase of the recording process. It is also the phase that is most often shrouded in mystery. Many inexperienced clients may not even know that mastering a recording is required. They may ask you why the rough mixes do not sound loud enough in the car. As highly experienced engineers, we'll educate our clients as to what the mastering process entails and how it makes the mixes come alive when played back over ordinary speakers or on the radio," reported the executive from Mercury Mastering, a foremost online mastering services provider.

The studio's first goal is to make client's music sound as good as possible by using the latest in A/D-D/A technology and some of the finest customized and handpicked analog pieces. Their second goal is to make sure that their clients are completely satisfied with the product & customer service. With a focus on remaining on the forefront of technology, and providing audio of the highest quality, Mercury Mastering in California continues to push the limits of industry standards to create a superior product.

The best part of this #1 industry standard mastering studio is their freebies. The studio offers FREE mastering preparation advice, FREE mastering revisions, FREE mixing advice, FREE sample and 100% satisfaction guarantee. While talking about the freebies, the executive also added, "We will refund 100% of your money as well if you are unhappy with your mastering, no questions asked!"

Overall, Mercury Mastering is the ideal studio to get a master with clarity, warm low-end punch, stereo depth, detail… and of course an optimum LOUDNESS level that meets industry standards.

About Mercury Mastering

With acoustically treated rooms and legendary equipment, Mercury Mastering achieves the big label sound required for all audio recordings. The combination of their award-winning engineers and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that they're world leaders in the fields of audio mastering and sound restoration. For more details, visit


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