Government Job Notifications- Benefits of Government Jobs in India

Even amidst all the mayhem created by private sector jobs among the youths of Hyderabad, government jobs are still coveted because of the known perks they offer.

While private sector jobs come with attractive salaries and the prospect of having a bright career, government jobs, in spite of their relatively lower remuneration have their own quota of advantages. Eenadu lists some of the areas where government jobs score higher than the private counterparts with some of the most lucrative jobs in the sector.

Security of Jobs

Without doubt government sector jobs offer much more security in terms of retention of jobs than private sectors. Employees in private companies are vulnerable to layoffs and early retirements which become all the more prevalent when the economy is reeling under the impact of recession. When you have bagged a government job you can almost relax and enjoy your job and life knowing that it would be there till you retire.


How about leading a tension-free life with no worries about your post-retirement period? Government jobs come with the unique benefit of providing you superannuation or pension till your death that is quite often quite a hefty amount depending on your remuneration while in the job.

Lesser Working Hours

Unlike their private counterparts, government sector jobs require employees to put in less efforts and lesser time to work as they hardly need to work additional hours. In private jobs, in most cases employees need to toil day in and day out with 9 hours of fixed working hours and extra ones put in without any incentives. Government jobs thus leave their employees with a lot of free time to indulge in their favorite hobbies and be less tensed about their work.

Residential Facilities

Another awesome benefit of a government job is the provision of residential facility in government quarters which helps you to save quite a lot in the form of rent and maintenance costs.

Other Allowances

Government sector jobs endow employees with other perks as well such as free healthcare including complicated surgeries, Dearness Allowance, Child Education Allowance, Travel Allowance and the likes.

Top Government Jobs

Who said government jobs have poor remuneration? Eenadu enlists some of the government jobs which are lucrative, high paying and immensely prestigious. The Indian Administrative Service or IAS has limited seats and require candidates to appear for the challenging preliminary and final IAS exams. Others include Indian Police Service, Government College Lecturer, Medical Services, Revenue Services, Bank Officer and the likes. You can go through competitive exam books and bank suggestions before appearing for the exams. Eenadu news portal provides government job notifications and tips for preparing for competitive exams like IAS, IPS, Bank, SPSC, National Eligibility Test and Medical among others.

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