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Governing Body Continues To Stamp Down On Rogue PPI Claims Operators

The Advertising Standards Authority acts after complaints against company illegally contacting Britons over PPI Claims.

An Indian based company that bombarded Britons with cold calls and cold texts regarding their entitlement to Payment Protection Insurance Refunds has been approached by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The company: Data Supplier have been adjudged to be sending misleading information to innocent victims.

The ASA has approached the company and reminded them of their responsibility to their customers. Data Supplier have so far neglected to cooperate and could face significant legal action if their malpractice continues.

The ASA explained: "We reminded them of their responsibility to provide a substantive response to our enquiries and told them to do so in future.

"We noted that we had not seen any evidence to show that the recipients of the texts had given their explicit consent to be included on the Data Supplier's database."

"We also understood that none of the recipients had recently had accidents or considered themselves to be eligible to make a PPI claim, and that the texts did not identify who the message had been sent from. For those reasons we concluded the texts were unsolicited and misleading, and were therefore in breach of the code."

"The texts must not be sent again in their current form. We told Data Supplier not to send texts to consumers unless they had their explicit permission to do so. We also told them not to make claims in their advertising unless they could provide evidence to substantiate them, and to identify themselves as the advertiser in any future texts."

This follows the news that two businessmen were found guilty of contacting hundreds of thousands of Britons with fraudulent plans. They were fined a staggering £440,000 for their misdemeanours.

Governing bodies are currently in the process of stamping down on companies who are trying to benefit through ill-gains on the misfortune of British citizens affected by the Mis Sold PPI scandal. Ill-acting companies have dampened the enthusiasm of many Britons who are entitled to make compensation claims.

The mis-information sent by unscrupulous companies such as Data Supplier is putting many people off approaching ethical Claims Management Companies that could genuinely help them make a claim and retrieve the Payment Protection Insurance Refund that they are entitled to. Using their teams of skilled, financial advisors; ethical Claims Management Companies could help their customer retrieve thousands of pounds that have been wrongly taken from them. Using industry tools such as the PPI Refund Calculator, such companies could help millions of Britons.

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