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Gourmet Food World Introduces Their Fondue Cheese Line For Winter

Online gourmet food retailer GourmetFoodWorld is launching a selection of cheese specially suited for making fondue.

Gourmet Food World celebrates the change of season with the introduction of their line of Fondue Cheeses. With gorgeous fall weather and cooler temperatures, October heralds the upcoming season filled with crackling fireplaces and cozy sweaters, the perfect time of the year to enjoy rich, filling foods like delicious fondue.

Gourmet Food World's "Fondue Cheese" line includes traditional favorites like Swiss Appenzeller, Raclette, and Gruyere, but also new, unique and rare cheese selections like Heublumen and Scharfe Maxx. Imported from Switzerland, France and Italy, all these cheeses have been sourced and selected for their flavor, quality, and craftsmanship, plus time-tested customer approval.

"When the weather starts to get cooler, our customers put their grill tools away andstart thinking about cold-weather entertaining" says Jon Knigin, president and founder of Gourmet Food World. Throughout his years in the business, he found out that "a lot of customers wanted to try their hand at fondue-making, but didn't know that there were actually many different cheeses perfect for fondue, all different and delicious. He continues, "we're always looking to make the shopping process easier and faster for our customers, so putting all those cheeses that were perfect for a fondue in one, easy-to-find place, was a logical move. That was the birth of the Fondue Cheese line", he concludes.

All the cheeses on the list are primarily produced in the Alps, and are known for their great melting properties. The list includes 10 cheeses, and Mr. Knigin says they're always looking to add more. TheFondue Cheese line cheesesare available in retail portions, cut pieces that range from 8 oz. to 2lbs, perfect for home use. For restaurants, hotels and caterers, Gourmet Food World offers the whole wheels for sale. All cheeses are delivered overnight to preserve freshness.

Gourmet Food World is an online retailer of specialty gourmet food products and gourmet food gifts. They have over 270 types of cheese, plus luxury gourmet food products like foie gras, pate, cheese, truffles, wagyu steaks, specialty meats, caviar, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, smoked seafood, jams, fruits, nuts, pasta, rice, grains, spices, condiments, vegetables, deserts and cakes, chocolate, oriental products and much more.

The Gourmet Food World "Fondue Cheese" selection is available online at http://www.gourmetfoodworld.com/Cheese-and-Dairy/fondue-cheese.asp. For further information, please call 877.236.9138 or email us at info@gourmetfoodoworld.com

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