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Got a Digitally-Challenged Mom?

New book that finally tells mom (or anyone) just how things work

Ah, you love your mother - you only wish she wasn't such a technophobe.

Well, your mother isn't alone. Millions of highly competent adults find themselves nearly paralyzed at the thought of operating in an increasingly digital universe.

Just Tell Me How It Works: Practical Help for Adults on All-Things-Digital by Paul Lance (Grandview Press, May 2014) is an answer to the prayers of those who feel overwhelmed, intimidated, or stymied by gaps in understanding created by having to cope with a technology learned largely on the fly.

Features like text-box definitions, logical but light-hearted prose, and practical step-by-step instructions guide readers through topics like computer basics (and its confusing lingo); and demystify digital devices ranging from smartphones, iPads and tablets, e-readers, televisions, DVRs, digital music and much more.

This book also easily explains social media, video calling, blogs, even how to simply create your own website. The book also offers readers a peek into the future with a glimpse where digital technology will evolve over the next 5-10 years.

Paul Lance has spent the last 20 years at the intersection of entertainment, publishing and new media, having worked on Broadway, at Twentieth Century Fox and as head of the west coast office for HarperCollins Publishers. As the digital revolution began to transform these industries, Paul developed tools and techniques to help people take charge of the technology that runs their lives. Aside from the book, through Brave New World Digital, Paul conducts workshops and even gives one-to-one instruction.

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