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Gossip Girl Actress Pole Dancing Guru Sheila Kelley Brings Women's Fitness Retreat To New Orleans During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hollywood's Sheila Kelley (Gossip Girl, Lost, NCIS), originator of pole dance fitness, is coming to New Orleans during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 25 - 28 for the S Factor Soulfully Sexy Women's Fitness Retreat.

Hollywood's Sheila Kelley (Gossip Girl, Lost, NCIS), originator of pole dance fitness, is coming to New Orleans during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 25 - 28 for the S Factor Soulfully Sexy Women's Fitness Retreat.

S Factor Retreats (this will be the 6th of its kind) seek to teach women the natural language of their bodies through Sheila Kelley's method of Fluid Feminine Movement™. The goal of this movement is to awaken and cultivate a feminine power that Kelley believes all women are born with. This power has helped thousands of women, including breast cancer survivors, regain a sense of self. Kelley notes, "The energy, the presence, the power, and the emotion of every day women, from housewives to businesswomen learning to own their bodies is intense. As one retreat woman so wisely put it, 'We are on a self-honeymoon.'"

With a strong scientific foundation highlighting the differences between the genders, the mission of S Factor is to empower all women to express their sexuality in a wholesome way. The movement behind the movement also seeks to elevate feminine culture so that it is more in balance with our male-dominated culture. If E. L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey, Hanna Rosin's new book The End of Men: And the Rise of Women, and the recent pole dance choreography on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance are any indication, S Factor has made a significant global impact.

Sheila Kelley is widely regarded as an authority on female empowerment. At the New Orleans Retreat, women from across the globe, including some from New Orleans, will experience a 4-day weekend of mastery S Factor pole fitness and feminine movement classes with personal instruction from Sheila Kelley. Creativity workshops, theory lectures, exploratory activities, and fine dining meals by renowned female chef Sherie Farah, will seek to celebrate what Kelley calls, the "4th Wave of Feminism." This same subject will be addressed when Kelley speaks at the TEDx AmericanRiviera "The Unthinkable" event on 11.11.12 at Santa Barbara's Bacara Resort & Spa.

Sheila Kelley S Factor™ gained global notoriety after being featured as the Original Pole Dance Workout seven times on the Oprah show, which attracted celebrity clients including Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kate Hudson, Vivica A. Fox, Cindy Crawford, and Marisa Tomei for her Academy Award nominated performance in The Wrestler. Kelley has been a frequent guest on The Martha Stewart Show, The View, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and New Orleans native Ellen DeGeneres' talk show.

Why did Kelley choose NOLA as the home for her October Retreat? She explained, "New Orleans has always been in my mind as a city rich in culture, music, burlesque and other forms of dance and movement artistry, and historically, some very powerful and mystical women. I've visited before, and came again a few months ago. I toured local landmarks and notable spots and discovered so much excitement, flavor, realness, and sensations. My vision for the retreat came to life after that. I wanted to bring my tribe of S women here to contribute to the growing tourism of this vibrant American city."

The S Factor Soulfully Sexy Retreat will take place at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans, and other secret locations in the surrounding area. Though celebrities have attended past retreats and may be coming to this one (no word yet on who they may be), Sheila Kelley's retreat is actually open for public registration as well, just for women, through and prior athletic experience is not required.

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